Sunday, January 11, 2004

Machu Picchu's Conquest: The Scotsman ominously titles a piece on Machu Picchu, "Final conquest of the Incas feared," declaring that the ruins are being destroyed by tourism. "More than 400,000 pairs of feet strode through the city known to the Incas as the 'Gateway to the Sun' in 2003." The story is pegged on the soon-to-be released UNESCO report on the site.

Sicuani's Record No Longer: The Philippine's Sun Star reports that the Peruvian Guiness Book of World Record for the longest BBQ. "Sunday night's grills proved longer than Peru's 613 meters in 1997." That one was in Sicuani.

Potato Prices: American radio station National Public Radio has a weekend piece on Peruvian potato growers "Urged to Seek Potato Niche Tubers for Specialty Market Seen as Path Out of Poverty." Yet through this push, the most significant change is the collapse of potato prices.

"Golden Boy": The Star from Toronto profiles Greg Wilkins, Barrick Gold Corp.'s CEO, headlined as a "golden boy." Barrick has already started construction this year on Alto Chicama.

Looking Forward: The New York Times leads with paisano Robinson Plasencia in an immigrant community profile in Long Island.

Looking Back: The BBC re-runs a piece from this day in in 1962 when "[a]t least 2,000 people have been killed after a massive avalanche of rocks and ice buried an entire mountain village and several settlements in north-west Peru. Last night millions of tons of snow, rocks, mud and debris tumbled down the extinct volcano of Huascaran, Peru's highest mountain in the Andes range. The village of Ranrahirca and its inhabitants was totally destroyed along with eight other towns. The mayor Alfonso Caballero said only about 50 of its 500 inhabitants survived. 'In eight minutes Ranrahirca was wiped off the map,' he said. "

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