Thursday, January 15, 2004

On (Not) Entering the USA: Miami television channel WPLG follows up on their earlier story [see Monday, below] about a Peruvian family being deported from Miami, "even though their two children were born in South Florida and are U.S. citizens." The Miami Herald finally picks up the story as well with a full report, stating that "Immigration officials Wednesday rejected criticism" over the detention.
On the other side of the border, the Associated Press updates the Fernando Zevallos story and his response to being denied entry into the USA, namely "that his U.S. residency came under review because he has lived in Peru for more than a year and has failed to return to the United States at least once every six months."

Economic Motion:
- On the macro front, Reuters reports that "Peru's economy grew 0.9 percent in November, compared with the same period last year," using INEI numbers. As usual, mining comes in as number one.
- Many sources pick up the story on Jose R. Lindley buying Coca-Cola Embonor's stake in Embotelladora Latinoamericana. The deal is to be finalized at the end of January. Reuters states that "Embonor is the second-largest bottler of products of Coca-Cola Co. in Chile and controls almost all of the bottling and distributing rights for Coca-Cola products in Peru and Bolivia." Just-Drinks.com says that JRLindley company directors "Manual Salazar and Emilio Larrain had travelled with an adviser from investment bank JP Morgan to Santiago, Chile this week" to pursue the purchase.
- A Reuters slugs states that "Swiss-based trader Glencore International AG has signed a put option with the creditors of Volcan Compania Minera." Glencore also gets an option to buy more of the debt-ridden company.
- The Interfax News Agency reports that "Chinese oil company CNPC has added two more blocks to its oil assets portfolio" in Peru through "the acquisition deal covers Block 8 and Block 1AB." With this action, CNPC is now the the second largest foreign oil producer in Peru.

- The Montreal Gazette reports on Miguel Harth-Bedoya conducting the Montreal Symphony Orchestra including Ravel's familiar Rapsodie Espagnole without a score.
- Kentucky's Courier-Journal has paisana Maria Gabriela Alcalde becoming the director of the Louisville Metro Office for Women.
- Health Day News reports that . Hector Garcia, a worm expert at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, is the study leader on Pork tapeworm infections as "a leading cause of epileptic seizures in developing countries, and in some immigrants to the developed world as well." A report summary can be read in New England Journal of Medicine.

BolPeChi, Cont.: In a letter to the Washington Post, a representative from the Carter Center said that former USA President Carter said in Bolivia, "My hope is that Bolivia, Chile and Peru together will find a way to provide Bolivia with direct access to the sea. When and if discussions are initiated between your country and the others, the Carter Center and many others will be eager to assist in finding an agreement." Pravda also gets in on the action with "Bolivia determined to recover its coastline despite Chile's refusal."

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