Tuesday, January 27, 2004

'Scandal' Again: Reuters reports on Cesar Almeyda Tasayco, a former AToledo confidante and intelligence aide (the former Presidente del Consejo Nacional de Inteligencia) who brings on another "Embroiled in Peru corruption scandal" headline. This story has VMontesinos, suicides, audio tapes, and USD$4 million in bribes. The piece also includes this line from Caretas: "the men met in a Chinese restaurant and that [General] Villanueva was wearing dark glasses, a false mustache and a toupee."

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Metal Producing & Processing reports that Aceros Arequipa is about to go through a signficant 'upgrade.'

- SoccerWay gives Nolberto Solano's side of the story: he is "disappointed" with Sir Bobby Robson following his substitution during Newcastle's FA Cup game against Liverpool. "Things between Solano and Robson haven't been the best since the Peruvian publicly stated his national team was his priority."
- the Financial Times has a fine Juan Diego Flórez profile naming him 'flavour of the month among vocal heroes.' Mentioned are Opera News, the Met, and a review of last Sunday's NYC recital including the line outside: "Money in hand, a hardy horde braved the icy elements in quest of any unused tickets."

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