Friday, January 09, 2004

Toledo Has One Move Vote: Condi Rice, Bush's National Security Advisor, refers to Peru in her Briefing about Bush's trip to Mexico: "I would just point to Peru a few years ago and what the Organization of American States was able to do in rallying around democratic forces in Peru to make sure that Peru did not go off the path of democracy. And now you have, of course, in President Toledo, a democratic-elected, hardworking President of Peru that is trying to do all the things for his people that any democratically-elected government would try to do."

Getting More Gold Reuters declares that Yanacocha will invest USD$280 million to reach the goal of 2 million ounces a year. The mine is jointly owned by Newmont Mining and Buenaventura.

Sicuani: Longest BBQ: The Philippines Sun Star reports that a picnic in Cebu will "attempt to make the longest BBQ. ... At present the record holder of the longest barbeque is Sicuani, Peru with 613 meters of grilled meat listed as the longest barbeque in the Guinness Book of World Records."

A Belgian Backus & Johnston? Just Drinks states that Belgium's "Interbrew is considering buying Backus & Johnston, according to De Tijd.

Striving Toward World Peace? Xinhua Net suggests that Peru's Foreign Ministry is lauding Pyongyang's 'decision' to stop nuclear activities. "Peru looks forward to a positive development of this dialogue, which could strengthen the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty."

Gabi and MVLl: The Nation reviews Gabi's latest "Living to Tell the Tale." Written by Perry Anderson, it takes on a strange twist: "One way of seeing why this is so is to consider its relationship to the memoirs of the Latin American writer most often associated with García Márquez, and second only in fame to himself. Mario Vargas Llosa's A Fish in the Water, published more than a decade ago, has a less conventional structure."

- Christianity Today's 'news wrap' has a bit on Peruvian army Colonel David de Vinatea, "an evangelical Christian" who "was released from prison after serving a sentence based on spurious drug-trafficking charges."

- Florida's Bradenton Herald reports that "[f]or the past five months, Chris MacCormack and Julio Rios traded jobs, cultures, countries and comfort zones. ... MacCormack teaches Spanish at Bayshore High School while Rios teaches English at Colegio Nacional Iquitos." This was facilitated through the Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange Program.

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