Saturday, January 10, 2004

Trouble Reading Peruvia? Press 'F11' key near top of your key board twice.

Noise Denies Econ Growth: Reuters headlines: "Central Bank says political noise slows growth" pegged on quotes from Banco Central's Prez Javier Silva Ruete. JSR crunches the numbers and calculates that "political infighting and a run of corruption scandals may have cost Peru up to 1.5 percent in economic growth in 2003." Reuters, however, assures the reader that "[i]nvestors appear so far untroubled by the political turbulence" and that "Peru's country risk is currently one of the lowest in Latin America." A separate Dow Jones piece has Peru's December tax revenue up 1.6% on the year. SEE ALSO the Bank's current Weekly Report.

For Freer Trade: Dow Jones follows an El Peruano report that Carlos Alzamora has been named "Chief Adviser" for free trade talks with the USA. "Ambassador Alzamora will immediately start co-ordinations with the U.S. Commerce Department to prepare for future negotiations over the free trade deal with this country," the government said in a statement. Alzamora was a principal in the Andean Trade Preferences Act.

BolPeChi Cont: TheIndependent's Jen Ross reports from Santiago on "Bolivia's land-locked navy dreams of leaving Lake Titicaca" as a topic de rigeur for the upcoming Summit of the Americas. The piece leans heavily in Chile's favour, accusing Peru of "preventing" a negotiated settlement in 1975. It also shows no decorum by stating that the Bolivian navy "obsessively salutes the remains of Eduardo Avaroa, an officer killed by the Chileans in a battle in 1879." A Carlos Ferrera Costa quote is thrown in for good measure and KAnnan, JCarter and Lula's offer of help is noted.

Shooting Down AeroPlanes: The Associated Press writes up that the Colombian Defense Ministry and a U.S. Embassy official denied news reports that "the United States had suspended the aerial interdiction program last fall after the Colombian military forced down a plane and then strafed it without U.S. approval." The program is not active in Peru.

Nobby Soap Cont.:Football365.com leads with Nolberto Solano and the upcoming Newcastle-Manchester match. Nobby is still wearing a Magpie jersey. Newcastle has lost "just two of their last 14 Premiership games to drag themselves to within two points of the top four." A piece in ic Newcastle says that "Nolberto Solano last night revealed he does not expect to leave Newcastle despite renewed speculation linking him with a move to Aston Villa." Two possible factors: the victory over Leeds and Nobby returning to the starting line-up.

Floating Down the Amazon: The Telegraph runs a longish travel piece on the Amazon that tries to answer this question: "why is it that, in the 21st as in the 16th century, in New Zealand as much as Norway, the Amazon remains virtually synonymous with adventurous travel?" (Curious aside: a relaying of the "disastrous Trans-Amazonica highway, where the cavernous ruts are the preserve of Camel Trophy Land Rovers and the occasional courageous cyclist.")

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