Saturday, January 17, 2004

Trouble Reading Peruvia? Press 'F11' key near top of your key board twice.

Micro Econ:
- Business News Americas reports that Petroperu "plans to call for bids on a US$250mn contract to upgrade and expand the Talara refinery in the second half of 2004," and included AToledo inaugurating an upgrade of the Talara refinery yesterday.
- Business News Americas reports on Pacific Credit Rating's growth and on its "strategy to become a strong regional player." In 1995 Jasaui & Asociados and Duff & Phelps formed Peruvian rating agency DCR Peru through a joint-venture agreement.

Macro Econ:
- Bloomberg summarizes trade ambassador Alfredo Ferrero's press conference yesterday to suggest that "Peru expects to sign a free trade accord with the U.S. by early next year." However, he also stated that "Talks may begin within three months."
- Bloomberg offers the audio version of their interview with Alfredo Ferrero.
- Bloomberg also offers an audio version of an interview with Vice Minister of Economy Fernando Zavala including the financial strategy for 2004, the elimination of "ghost" workers from the state's payroll, and budget deficit reductions.

- The European Schoolnet News includes the acitivities of Edwin Vasquez, President of the Climate Alliance, one of the coordinators of the 'ZOOM - Kids on the move to Milan' environmental project.
- Willy Lock, a tennis player on Northwestern University's tennis team, and Markam College alum, is on a winning streak, according to his University in Illinois.
Tribalfootball.com includes more characters in the NSolano soap opera, this time not only including Aston Villa but also paramours suchas the Rangers and Glasgow's East End. Numbers in pounds sterling are also bantered about.

Orchard Saga, Denied? The United Press International wire titles it's story on James Michael Kovach and the Peruvian flora he stole: "Big stink over little orchid in Florida." (See yesterday's "Orchard Saga, Cont." below.) The Scotsman stoops even lower describing him as "[a] man who bought a plant from a roadside flower seller in Peru ... who took the orchid to a botanical gardens in Sarasota, Florida, for identification."

Whose Corruption?: Montreal's Gazette offers an op-ed on corruption in Latin America (first example: AFujimori "having absconded to Japan, allegedly with more than $200 million in public money") and the difficulties the USA and Canadian governments have in dealing with it as it has [ahem] problems of their own. A slightly similar point was made in the more influential Canadian paper, The Financial Post which that the Canadian Prime Minister should have listened more carefully to Hernando de Soto when they spent time together on the Commission on the Private Sector and Development, and not given in to the opposition, "a group whose nickname might be 'Corruption R' Us.'"
[See also Peruvia's Dec. 17, 2003 entry on nepotism and the Bush Administration including this Washington Post piece from 2002 that names names.]

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