Friday, January 23, 2004

Trouble Reading Peruvia? Press 'F11' key near top of your key board twice.

Patten: Andes 'Problematic' : EU Politix reports that EU's External Relations commissioner Chris Patten is in Ecuador engaging in a "South American trade deal." The article suggests that Mercosur will be less "problematic" to negotiate with than the Andean community. The Financial Times runs a related story and Reuters has a photograph of Patten with Allan Wagner, Secretary of Andean Union of Nations and Manuel Rodriguez Cuadros, Vice Foreign Minister of Peru."

Ecologically Correct:
- The Wildlife Conservation Society has announced the reciept of an USD$8 million grant from the Moore Foundation to protect Amazon-Andes landscapes which will include the Yavari Miri area in Peru.
- A travel piece in Australia's Sydney Morning Herald presents an adventure in Madre de Dios and begins, "We could have been killed five times before lunch." The piece is quaint yet rollicking and includes time spent at Lake Sandoval, and includes Amazonian sounds which "conspire to make you feel you're on the edge of a South American coup." (The article is a reprint of a piece from last fall.)

Music Events:
- The New York Times highlights maestro Carlos Hayre performance tonight in New York City. This rare appearance will be accompanied with singer Mochi Parra and "a group of musicians and dancers from Peru and Chile." It's all happening tonight at 8 pm at the Center for Traditional Music and Dance.
- The New York Times reports that Juan Diego Flórez is performing Sunday at 2pm at Lincoln Center in his "New York recital debut" in which "he'll show off in selections from operas by Bellini, Rossini, Gluck and Donizetti."

- South Africa's News 24 reports from Johannesburg about "[a] 29-year-old woman from Peru ... arrested on Friday" as 1.5kg of cocaine was allegedly found inside yoghurt containers.
- Florida's Palm Beach Post has a piece on changes in security measures "prompted by the fear" that the murderer of Monica Marina Rivera Valdizan is still "roaming the area." The paper also runs an op-ed which declares that "[t]he murder of a 26-year-old Peruvian nanny in suburban Boca Raton this month has sparked a level of concern -- and wild speculation -- that is rare."

- a short photo/story from the Associated Press depicts the Chinese New Year's celebration in Lima, beginning the 'Year of the Monkey.' "In Peru, where people of Chinese ethnicity make up about 10% of the population, festivities included dances and a march through Lima's historic downtown."
- OneWorld, a "civil society network online," has an op-ed on "Privatizing the lives of the poor" which includes notes on Arequipa and Tumbes.
- Florida's Gainesville Sun reports on the possibility of the best-selling novel 'The Celestine Prophecy' becoming a movie. Curiously, it includes this bit: "The Peruvian government and the Roman Catholic church [tried] to get the manuscript, believing its message undermines traditional family values." More information at Celestine Vision.

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