Friday, January 30, 2004

Trouble Reading Peruvia? Press 'F11' key near top of your key board twice.

Diez Canseco Resigns: Reuters blares out the news: "[Raul Diez Canseco] Quits After Scandal" following a RPP story saying he is days away from facing Congress "over an influence-peddling scandal that led him to quit as trade minister in November." The nation's 2nd VP, David Waisman, is expected to go up one notch. Reuters' Jude Webber takes his time but finally ges to a certain "26-year-old woman" and suggestions of nepotism. The story ends with color: "The reported resignation came as Toledo flew back to Lima from distributing aid to flood victims in the south, from where RPP earlier quoted Toledo as saying into his cellphone: "Raul, don't make that decision. ... Wait for me to get back."
Note: An updated Reuters entry includes this charge: Diez Canseco "faces another charge relating to an "open skies" deal with Chile allegedly signed without the consent of Toledo or Congress." It also fits in this JBarba quote: the Toldeo government has "no feet, head, heart or soul."

More on Almeyda: Bloomberg reports on the Cesar Almeyda case, adding "Stock Regulator" to his CV. An overwhelming Congressional majority, "approved an investigation ... into whether Almeyda may have been involved in selling his influence in criminal cases."

Vladi Trial Delayed: The Miami Herald reports that VMontesinos' trial has been "delayed for a week" as a result of Charles Acelor's "acute bronchitis." Proceedings will resume on Feb. 5.

Cajamarca Spill: Reuters reports on a diesel fuel spill by Exxon Mobil in which a truck "overturned on Tuesday" near Magdalena, Cajamarca, "en route to the Yanacocha mine." The truck was subcontracted to Transportes Cesaro Hermanos whose representatives claimed the spill was 1,000 gallons. Magdalena Mayor Joel Godoy believed it was 7,000 gallons. Magdalena was one of the communities who suffered with the 150 kg. mercury spill in 2000.

JDF Reviewed: The New York Times almost took a full week but they finally review Juan Diego Florez' Sunday recital at Lincoln Center: "Arias From Familiar Sources and a Bit of Peru." Reviewer Anthony Tommasini states that Florez "has become a genuine operatic superstar ... [and] sang with his customary expressivity, generosity and exuberance."

- the Miami Herald reviews Francisco Lombardi's latest cinema effort, 'Ojos Que No Ven, (''What the eye doesn't see") and praises the film which "captures the far-reaching tentacles of government manipulation and corruption and their devastating consequences" through the stories of six ordinary people "touched by the collapsing government." The Herald states that this "is one of Lombardi's finer films."
- a piece that runs in the Los Angeles Times about how the United Nations doesn't allow Hollywood in through its doors, has this bit of movie history: In the movie, North by Northwest, "Hitchcock also had envisioned a scene in which a speaker addressing the General Assembly would declare, 'I refuse to continue until the delegate from Peru wakes up. The delegate, of course, is dead."

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