Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Zevallos Banned: The Associated Press' Rick Vecchio puts out a fascinating, though not quite unexpected piece on Fernando Zevallos, founder, one-time owner and now 'corporate adviser' of AeroContinente, long "suspected by U.S. officials of having drug trafficking links," who is now "not to be allowed to board a U.S.-bound flight,' according to an official memo from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to international airlines." All this depsite the fact that Zevallos is a legal alien of the USA and, usually, a resident of Miami. "The Associated Press obtained a copy of the memo from an airline industry source."

Post Summit News:
- A Knight Ridder review of the Summit of the Americas details that "[l]eaders of Brazil, Argentina and Peru, among others, want Latin American nations to reach trade deals with one another before negotiating the hemispheric Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement that the Bush administration has been pushing." It also includes this seemingly whiny, or perhaps threatening, note: "Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo said his nation had been following U.S.-backed economic policies, without any growth or benefits for his nation in the last four years."
- Officially, the Bush White House declares that "Today's commitments advance President Bush's efforts to implement a robust international transparency and anticorruption agenda. Specifically, he has: Signed a Presidential Proclamation to bar corrupt officials from entering the United States; Agreed to return to Peru over $20 million that had been hidden in the United States by former Peruvian intelligence chief [Vladimiro] Montesinos and his associates. Montesinos is now serving a jail sentence in Peru for his crimes, including corruption." It is not yet known whether the Zevallos is included in the first part of that statement.

Sino-Peruvian Relations: China's People's Daily lavishes praise on Alan Garcia's visit to Beijeng. After meeting with Jia Qinglin, a senior official of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese government "pledged on Tuesday to develop friendship with Peru to further improve bilateral ties." AGarcia was quoted as saying, "he was deeply impressed with China's amazing development since his previous visit 20 years ago and commended the CPC for leading China's modernization drive." With much less flair, Xinhua Net announces that the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao received the new ambassador to Peru.

Good/Bad Sporting News:
- The Associated Press offers news of the match lost by Peru against Ecuador (4-2) in a South American Olympic qualifying match.
- The Idaho Statesman highlights tennis player Matias Silva who "won the Peruvian National Tournament over Christmas break and was named his country's national champion." Silva is a student at Boise State University and was named to the Peruvian Davis Cup team.

007 in Peru? A James Bond fan site announces that the spy will be Peru bound in the next Bond movie, "Everything or Nothing": "Another agent, 003 had been sent to investigate a mysterious mining operation and is now missing. His last known contact was American geologist Serena St. Germaine (Shannon Elizabeth), and Bond is sent to locate her in Peru. While there he discovers that 003 had contacted her in regards to her research on the anomalous platinum levels in the surrounding mountains." The revealed synopsis continues: "At the Q-lab, Bond learns that platinum is the only metal that the nanobots won't destroy. He surmises that this bizarre chain of events must tie directly to Serena's research in Peru."

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