Thursday, February 26, 2004

1/2 Terms: The New York Times runs an editorial on "Latin America's Half-Term Presidents" in which AToledo and JBAristide "fit a troubling pattern" across Latin America. The paper believes that "Mr. Toledo's sin in Peru is that he is weak and apparently corrupt — not a good enough reason for yet another interruption of democracy." AFujimori also gets framed.

Transport Strike: Bloomberg reports on the strike led by Peruvian public transportation companies, "to reestablish minimum cargo fees and to seek lower fuel taxes." Quoted are Alfonso Rivas Ruiz, head of the National Association of Cargo Truck Owners (Unión Nacional de Transportistas Dueños de Camiones), Roxana Altuna, a spokeswoman for the Transport Ministry, and Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi. The Associated Press follows up on the government's warning against price gouging in food markets during the second day of a cargo truck and passenger bus strike. According to La Parada market manager, Ronald Franco, "Lima's main wholesale meat and produce market received 1,400 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables" yesterday instead of 2,800. Quoted are Agriculture Minister Jose Leon, Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi, and Transportation Minister Jose Ortiz, and political analyst Santiago Pedraglio.
NOTE: The strike had been announced in January; the last transportation strike was resolved in May.

Airport Development: BNAmericas reports on ProInversion's plan for regional airport concessions. "Development of the country's airports will seek to increase the inflow of foreign tourists to the country and develop its potential as a regional hub, particularly for trans-Pacific traffic." See also Currie & Brown/Masons studies' on this sector.

Garzon in Lima, cont: China's Xinhua Net covers Baltasar Garzon recent trip to Lima as he advised Peruvian authorities "to ask the International Court of Justice ... to file a charge against ousted President Alberto Fujimori." See more in 'Garzon in Lima,' in yesterday's Peruvia below.

Vladi & Colombia: The Miami Herald reports on Colombia "launching judicial proceedings" against VMontesinos "for allegedly organizing the sale of 10,000 assault rifles to leftist guerrillas." Peruvian officials are due to travel to Colombia next month to help out in this effort.

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