Monday, February 02, 2004

AToledo, Crises, Cont.: Today's print New York Times runs a shortened version of the Reuters piece from yesterday on AToledo's press conference. (JBarba makes the cut; AAlvarez doesn't.) The BBC also reports on the Diez Canseco resignation but adds nothing new.

Quipus Questioned: The Australian ABC Network offers a piece on the quipu pegged on a museum exhibition in Florence, Peru - Three Thousand Years of Masterpieces, and "an Italian engineer professor [Nicolino De Pasquale] who says he has cracked the mathematics" of the Incas. "It took me about 40 minutes to solve the riddle. I am not an expert on pre-Columbian civilizations. I simply decoded a 16th century drawing from a book on mathematical enigmas I received as a Christmas present." However, quipu expert Gary Urton thinks otherwise.

Alianza Campeon: Reuters reports on Alianza Lima's come-from-behind victory "to beat 10-man Sporting Cristal 2-1 after extra time and win the 2003 Peruvian title." This is Alianza Lima's 19th Peruvian first division title, 11th since 1952 "in the professional era."
Also in Sports: ic Birmingham leads with: "Nobby Solano may be the biggest thing to come out of Peru since Paddington Bear."

Film Wins Award: The BBC and the London Times report that Touching the Void, "a mountaineering docudrama from Oscar winning director Kevin MacDonald, won best film at the Evening Standard British Film Awards."

Relief Aid: Reuters reports that the European Commission approved disaster preparedness action plans worth 6.5 million euros "to help local populations in the Andean Community and South Asia prepare for and respond to natural disasters."

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