Sunday, February 01, 2004

AToledo Responds to Crises: The Associated Press and Reuters cover AToledo's press conference (flanked by his most of his cabinet), in response to Cesar Almeyda, his ordered house arrest and the secret recordings of his secret meetings. Reuters has actual quotes from Toledo's press conference saying he knew nothing about [the brewing scandal] and "anyone who is corrupt is my enemy." Reuters also includes some opposition quotes including Jose Barba ("not enough to blame Montesinos' so-called 'mafia' ") and Augusto Alvarez (whose newspaper, Peru21, broke the story). Reuters is also alone in suggesting that Fernando Olivera has also been implicated in this affair.
- To add insult to injury: Vice President Raul Diez Canseco "announced his resignation just as [the audio] snippets" aired on national radio.
- Further Insult: AToledo was suited up in Puno.

Earlier: House Arrest: The Associated Press reports on Cesar Almeyda's "ordered house arrest" after he gave a midnight press conference. Inside the article is the Diez Canseco affair, which "compound[es] the presidential headache. Also: the New York Times includes the Diez Canseco story in a two-sentence summary. Still, it has room to include "a girlfriend's father."

Trash and Tourists in Nazca: The Associated Press updates a story headlined "Ancient Nazca Lines [are] in peril." Trash, illegal gold mines, tractor-trailers and tourists are the cited culprits. "Loosely guarded by day, the site is wide open by night," writes the AP's Drew Benson (who mispells Maria Reiche name). Alberto Urbano is "the lone state archaeologist" on site (though Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici is also mentioned). Trying to come to the rescue is Ica Congressman Luis Gonzales Posada, whose district includes Nazca. NOTE: This is simply an updated Associated Press piece from last October. (Thanks for the heads up to GP, a diligent Peruvia reader.)

Less Loans: Dow Jones reports that "Peru's past-due bank loans fell sharply in December according to ASBANC.

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