Monday, February 16, 2004

Cabinet #5: Agence France Press, the Associated Press the BBC, the Financial Times, and Reuters review and the New York Times previews the seven new ministers in AToledo's fifth government which once again includes Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Only three Members of the new Cabinet are from the ruling party.
- Drew Benson's AP piece quotes Lourdes Flores Nano's on this cabinet as a "last chance," (in Reuters: "a final opportunity") and quotes MVLl as saying: "The president doesn't realize the seriousness of the situation and the need for radical and profound changes."
- AFP quotes Hernando de Soto and is the only one who names those Ministers sticking around: "Foreign Minister Manuel Rodriguez, Defense Minister Roberto Chiabra and Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi will retain their jobs, as will the ministers of foreign trade, agriculture, housing and women's affairs."
- Reuters' Jude Webber includes quotes from Prime Minister Carlos Ferrero's news conference after the swearing-in ceremony, fromAlfredo Torres (Apoyo), Cesar Zumaeta (APRA), as well as several wo/man on the street quips. It also has the most commentary on Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski, including his reluctance to re-join the cabinet, and his views on certain taxes.
- The NYTimes' Juan Forero finally makes it to Lima and quotes Fernando Villarán, Alan García, and Cecilia Blondet. It also adds that "the cabinet shuffle had been difficult because many prospective members had no interest in serving a government that could throw them out in the next crisis."
Reuters and the NYTimes are the most skeptical of these changes with Reuters declaring that "the jury was still out on whether the changes to his government would be enough to restore his credibility and stave off the threat of early elections" and adds MVLl to the skepticism.
NOTE: The new Ministers include: Baldo Kresalja at Justice; Javier Sota at Education; Pilar Mazzetti at Health; Javier Neves at Labor; Alfonso Velasquez at Mining; and Jose Ortiz at Transport and Communications.

P-PK & the Numbers: Dow Jones and Bloomberg give positive press to Pedro-Pablo Kuczynski's return. DJones' Robert Kozak gets quotes particularly through P-PK's RPP and CPN radio interviews. Bloomberg quotes Mohamed El-Erian (Pacific Investment Management Co.), Igor Gonzales (Minera Barrick Misquichilca), Michael Discher-Remmlinger (Deutscher Investment Trust) and Congressman Hildebrando Tapia Samaniego. Bloomberg also goes personal with Kuczynski, with his German-Polish background, his Princeton/Oxford education, etc. and that he is temporarily leaving his Latin American Enterprise Fund. And Reuters offers the latest INEI economic numbers for December as well as for 2003: "in line with to slightly above analysts' expectations, but at a slower rate than comparable periods in 2002 given a slump in the fishing and manufacturing sectors." This translates to 3.12% in December and 3.97% in 2003.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- BNAmericas: on Credicorp's profits
- a press release on Manhattan Minerals and Centromin.
- Just-style.com on cotton exports.

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