Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Cabinet #5, cont.: Russia's Pravda plays catch up with AToledo's new Cabinet and states that, "Toledo's new tour de force does not look like an accurate response to people's demand." P-PK's return is seen as "a new concession to multinational credit institutions." Also included are AGarcia and LFlores quotes.

Doe Run's Solution: The Associated Press reports on Doe Run which declared in a press release yesterday that they plan "to reduce contamination causing high lead levels in children near a metals processing plant it owns" in La Oroya. Doe Run operates Peru's largest lead smelter. The plan calls for "spending $226 million through 2011, $155 million of which is earmarked for environmental projects." The article gets quotes from Doe Run Peru president Bruce Neil who said "the initial plan was aimed at controlling stack, solid waste and sewer discharges." NOTE: For further news on this, see "Toxic Clouds" in Peruvia on February 9. Archive: In September, 2003, Doe Run sent "more than 1,400" coats to "Peruvian families in need."

AFF: The Voice of America, using AP and AFP wire stories, reports on the Peruvian delegation currently in Japan, who meet today with Japanese officials in Tokyo "to discuss an extradition request for former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori." (See "Toledo & Detractors" in Saturday's Peruvia, below.)

MVLl: Variety reports that filming of MVLl's 'The Feast of the Goat' begins in May, on site, in the Dominican Republic and Spain. It will be directed by Luis Llosa, and cast members include John Hurt (as Agustin Cabral) and Tomas Milian (as Trujillo). Also: "The standard work on Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo is not a history book but Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa's hypnotic novel La fiesta del Chivo." (Note: The play is currently being performed in Rhode Island and New York.)

Marco/Micro Econ: Just-Drinks.com on Backus fourth-quarter net income.

Peruvian Flora: Washington's The Hill (a newspaper focusing on national politics) has an article on a rare public opening to the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory. The article goes on to note that in 2003, "the facility obtained more than 300 plants from Peru" and suggests that they may be part of an ongoing investigation. "Rare and endangered plants confiscated at ports of entry into the United States are adopted by the production facility if it has the space and capability."

Long Live the Revolution: Cuba's Radio Rebelde reports that "Cuban journalists Lazaro Barredo and Luis Baez denounced in Lima, Peru that Washington provided Cuba-based mercenary groups with 26 million dollars to undertake new actions against the island." They gave their interview to RPP Noticias, "which has a large national audience in that Latin American country," and were in the country to promte their new books, Chameleon and The Dissidents, which provide "an irrefutable analysis on the participation by Cuban counterrevolutionary elements in subversive actions fully backed by Washington's agents."

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