Sunday, February 22, 2004

Cutting the Debt: Reuters reports on P-PK's desire "to negotiate a partial repurchase of its Paris Club debt, ... to ease its servicing burden," which he explained in an interview in El Comercio today. The total numbers: "Peru had $27.7 billion in public debt at the end of September, with about $21.7 billion in foreign debt. Paris Club debt totaled $8.4 billion." The 5% growth rate expected for 2004 is repeated as is the "ITF" bank tax.

Travel: Ireland's Business Post does a large travel piece on "a group of 60 others travelling to [Cusco] on a charity fundraising walk with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland."

Contemporary Art: Colorado's Daily Camera reviews a show at the Arvada Center for the Arts, where the work of eight contemporary artists from Peru is on display including: Walter Carbonel, Luis Castellanos Jara, Jorge Castilla Bambren, Fito Espinosa, Sebastian Frank, Michelle Magot, Sol Toledo and Patricia Villanueva Mavila.

Solano is Caught: London's Sunday Mirror includes a bit on Claudia Solano, Nolberto's wife, who was "charged with driving with excess alcohol after she was stopped by police in Durham city centre last week."

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