Friday, February 13, 2004

FLASH: The OAS's Permanent Council met yesterday "to hear a presentation by Peru's Permanent Representative Ambassador Eduardo Ferrero Costa, and consider a resolution on the efforts of the Peruvian Government to strengthen the democratic process there." (Ferrero Costa has been named Ambassador to Washington.)

Toledo - Nat'l & Int'l Reactions: An updated Associated Press includes "talk that Congress may declare the presidency vacant and Peru's ambassador to Washington told an emergency session of the Organization of American States on Thursday the situation was 'a serious threat to democratic stability.' " (See the original story here.) The article places AToledo's "worst political crisis" in the context of international support for the president. The Organization of American States expressed their "support for Toledo" (see this OAS press release), and French President Jacques Chirac. Also: a new DATUM poll shows "45 percent of those asked believed that Toledo should step down and that new elections should be held." (Datum numbers are not yet online; see earlier CPI poll.) The story ends with a nostalgic note over BMerino. (See yesterday's Peruvia below for BMerino at the World Bank.)
In an opinion piece, the Washington Post's columnist, Marcela Sanchez, suggests that North Americans should take some of the blame for AToledo's troubles. After some Latin American generalizations, she calls the OAS to be Auditor-in General for Peru.

No Deal: Latinamerica Press reports on the dissolution between Manhattan Minerals and the community of Tambogrande. "Manhattan failed to prove that it has capital of US$100 million nor could it show that it had the capacity to process 10,000 tonnes of ore a day nor could it show it had a partner that could provide the required investment."

Lots of Coke: Tuesday's Miami Herald reports that a Peruvian court has "thrown out a drug trafficking retrial involving the founder of Peru's Aero Continente airlines, Fernando Zevallos, on a technicality and plans to open another one in March." The trial's main feature is a "3.3-ton shipment of cocaine headed to Mexico in 1995." (On Jan. 13, : the Associated Press reported that Zevallos was "Banned From [Entering] the USA."

Perú Negro: The Miami Herald welcomes Perú Negro for Saturday's show and includes quotes from José Marcos Rodríguez, cultural affairs attache at Perú's Miami consulate, and Javier León, an ethnomusicologist at Tulane University. It credits Juan Velasco Alvarado for financial help and Juan Morillo, a Los Angeles-based Peruvian promoter, for help with foreign tours. The Washington Post reviews Peru Negro's new album, Jolgorio, in anticipation of their Washington DC concert next week. (For the WashPost, Peruvia readers can log-in as peruvia@peruvia.com with peruvia as the password.)

JDF: The New York Times reviews the Metropolitan Opera's performace of Rossini's 'L'Italiana in Algeri' which begins tonight. Lindoro is played by Juan Diego Flórez, "the Peruvian who has few rivals for the title of today's best light lyric tenor." The article includes performance photographs and audio clips from Flórez' 'Rossini Arias' compact disc. The article also includes a conversation with the Peruvian tenor and states that "it's clear he knows how to work for his success: his knowledge about singing is impressive." It also gives a preview of upcoming roles for Flórez.

MPicchu in Colorado: Denver's The Rocky Mountain News and Daily Camera review "'Machu Picchu: Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas" at the city's Museum of Nature & Science." Separately, the News lists a dozen other related activites to the exhibit, including a lecture by Marita Landaveri Porturas, Consul General del Peru in Denver. The Denver Post profiles curator Lucy Salazar and includes a video of the exhibit.
(See also Museums and Mining Co., in Peruvia yesterday, below.)

Glued Peruvian? The Toronto Star reports that "a Peruvian man reportedly tried to avoid going to jail by supergluing himself to his girlfriend."

Nazca and Trash: CNN re-publishes this Associated Press piece by Drew Benson on "Tourists, grave robbers, tractor trailers leaving their mark." (See, for example, "Trash and Tourists in Nazca" in Peruvia, February 1 with background links.) Today's CNN version, however, accompanies the article with nice photos.

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