Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Medical Research - Peru & USA: The USA Navy Newstand reports on the Lima-based US Naval Medical Research Center Detachment, or NMRCD, and their new, long-distance, clinical research training program offered by the USA National Institutes of Health. "This is the first time NMRCD is using videoconference capacities for training. ... Current participants are from the laboratory, the Peruvian Navy and Ministry of Health, and local universities." Included as a participant is Dr. Sixto Sanchez Calderon, head of Epidemiology at Hospital Nacional 2 de Mayo. "Lima has been home to NMRCD for more than 20 years. The detachment's principle field site is remotely located in Iquitos, on the Amazon River. The primary mission of NMRCD is to identify and assess infectious disease threats of military relevance in the Southern Joint Command Region."

More Pachacutec: The Associated Press offers more photos of how the economy is affecting individual lives in the shantytown of Pachacutec. (See 'AToledo: Still Unpopular' in yesterday's Peruvia below.)

For Valentines Day, cont.: California's San Diego Union Tribune has a nice Valentine's Day piece (for the opposite, see yesterday's Valentine's report below) on Mariella Balbi and her Pisco and Guanni chocolates, which she makes for a restaurant in Rancho Peñasquitos. "Her Criollo pieces are filled with elements of Manjar Blanco." A bit of her history is included: "Balbi sells her chocolates from $1.50 for individual pieces to $25 for 16-piece gift boxes. But before living out her dream as a chocolatier, she was, just a few years ago, cleaning homes in North County."

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