Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Peruvian Beauty Held in Gabon: The Associated Press is reporting on "claims that a [Peruvian] beauty pageant contestant was lured to the West African nation of Gabon to become 67-year-old President Omar Bongo's lover." Later reports suggested some charges were "exaggerated." What is known is that Ivette Lourdes Santa Maria Carty, "a 22-year-old Miss Peru America contestant, was invited to Gabon to be a hostess for the Miss Humanity pageant." Much of the early reporting comes from El Comercio. A separate wire story in the Scotsman suggests that Peru's UN ambassador in New York, Oswaldo de Rivero contacted his Gabonese counterpart and "expressed the Peruvian government's serious concern over the events."

Toledo's Two %s: Reuters files both political and economic stories today, each with a significant "%" attached to it. Reuters political story focuses on Prime Minister Carlos Ferrero's press conference where he "appealed to opposition parties on Tuesday to help the government weather a corruption storm he admitted should have been avoided, and said a new-look Cabinet could be negotiated this month." Among Ferreros' comments: no more nepotism and no drug czar. Also included: AToledo's approval rating has now "dived to just 7.3 percent;" and Congressman Edgar Villanueva Núñez (of Linux fame) snags a quote.
An accompanying Reuters piece focuses on the economic status of the country. It reports that "[e]merging market investors are holding onto their Peruvian bonds despite the president's single-digit popularity and corruption scandals pummeling his government." It also states that "Toledo has clung stubbornly to the orthodox policies that helped the economy grow 4.9 percent in 2002." Quoted are Sebastian Briozzo (Standard & Poor's), Carola Sandy (Credit Suisse First Boston), and Therese Feng (Fitch Ratings) and the business reporter's conventional wisdom on AGarcia. The Miami Herald includes AToledo's 7.3% approval rating and attributes it to the CPI polling firm.
ALSO: The Associated Press offers several photos of disgruntled members of AToledo's Pais Posible who tried to hang out some dirty laundry.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Reuters on Southern Peru Copper Corp..
- Dow Jones reports on the Antamina mine ("expected to rise by about 40% in 2004.")
- Cardero Resource Corp.'s press release: will buy the Pampa de Pongo iron depost (near Nazca) with Carlos Ballon's help. (See Cardero's 2000 press release about gold in Peru.
- BNAmericas on the Cajamarquilla zinc refinery.
- Bloomberg reports that the Camisea pipeline will be "tested With gas in May" according to Transportadora de Gas del Peru.

The Arts:
- The Miami Herald reviews Polvo Enamorado ("Lovesick Dust") which is currently playing at the Miami International Film Festival. Directed by Luis Barrios, the film "is written, filmed and directed as a soap opera," [Peruvia note: no surprise there], "-- and a vulgar imitation of one at that." The rest of the review goes down from there.
- Western Michigan University announces that Morella Petrozzi's work 'La Locomotora Asesina' will be in production there.
- the Orion (from California State University) reports on Peru Negro's performance last week. (See more reviews, clips, etc on Peru Negro in Peruvia, Jan. 19.)

- the Toronto Star has this on Canada's new premier: "[Paul Martin] always wanted to work in the developing world and at one time planned to go to Peru for the United Nations."
- The University of New Mexico notes that Giselle Claux has joined the University golf team for the spring season.
- Sporting Life on Nobby Solano: "Statistically, the Peruvian has been one of the Premiership's most consistent performers over the past four or five years and at 29 can hardly be considered over the hill."

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