Sunday, February 15, 2004

Toledo's Numbers: MercoPress runs a piece on more dismal poll numbers on AToledo’s government. The new polls include those from El Comercio and La Universidad de Lima. The article ends with giving Toledo the benefit of the doubt: “Mr. Toledo is working overtime this week end hoping he can come up with a renewed “consensus and professional” cabinet that would enable him to continue as the country’s “full” president.”

Vladi, the CIA, and Drugs: Scotland on Sunday runs an investigative piece by Jeremy McDermott on Vladimiro Montesinos' and his attorneys linking the CIA to drug trafficking. The trial has "seen the US intelligence services become embroiled in an embarrassing row about whether the CIA not only knew what Montesinos was up to and turned a blind eye, but have actively undermined Washington’s multibillion-dollar war on drugs by doing so." Though no hard evidence emerges, the piece includes lines like: "when George Bush senior held the top post at Langley" and ruminations on Robert Gorelick, the former CIA Head of Station in Peru, and ends with a reference to the Iran Contra scandal.

Peru Negro: The New York Times gives a grand preview of Peru Negro’s New York City appearance next Saturday. (Peru Negro is in Washington on Tuesday).

Valentine's Day, cont: The Associated Press reports from Callao on “a mass wedding” where “more than 150 couples tied the knot at the civil ceremony” on Valentines Day. All officiated by Alexander Kouri, the Mayor of Callao.

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