Saturday, February 07, 2004

Trouble Reading Peruvia? Press 'F11' key near top of your key board twice.

Beauty Queen, cont.: Reuters' gets a telephone interview yesterday with Ms. Santa Maria who describes her "white slavery ordeal." (Note: The AP got a personal interview in Colombia with photos; see Beauty Queen, cont. on Wednesday, below. Reuters interview, by Jude Webber, was among the first interviews with Santa Maria back in Peru.) The piece includes Gabon's official denial: "'These allegations, which are without basis, could not only undermine the respectability and integrity of Gabon's head of state ... but also risk tarnishing the excellent relationship of cooperation and friendship which Gabon prides itself on having with Latin American and Caribbean countries, and particularly Peru." The Reuters story suggests (in error) that this story was limited to being in "Peruvian tabloids this week." Peru's Foreign Minister is also quoted as warning "all people who receive job offers in activities like beauty contests to conduct strict checks on the people who contact them, since illicit trafficking in people is, together with drugs trafficking, a major international criminal activity." Kenya's Daily Nation offers an expose on previous ties between President Bongo to prostitution rings. Also: "One can imagine Mr Bongo's broad grin as he considered his catch, a belated Christmas gift from a mysterious Santa Claus."

Film Review: Variety reviews Days of Santiago (Días de Santiago), "A surprisingly intense debut from Peruvian director Josue Mendez" which "details a young war veteran's tragic inability to adjust to civilian society. Though convincingly set in the lower depths of Lima, the story embodies a universal truth about the experience of former soldiers in many times and places." (See also the review and other info in "Film" in Peruvia, Jan 21.)

Talk Cheaper/Longer: BNAmericas reports that OSIPTEL plans to "boost competition in the local telephony market" beyond Telefonica. "Customers will be able to choose any authorized operator to carry their local, long distance or fixed-to-mobile calls using pre- and postpaid calling cards, Osiptel said." As a partial response, "Telefonica Moviles has extended its offer of charging long distance mobile-to-mobile calls at local rates to all of its 1.5 million customers across Peru."

Nobby #1: Britain's Daily Sun declares in bold print: "Nobby is Captain America." Nolberto Solano "makes his home debut against Leeds in a match which will be beamed" to Peru. The wonderstar suggests that now in Peru, "[e]veryone there will support Villa now. Not just in my country but South America generally." Strong words perhaps but "Solano made an impressive Villa debut in the 5-0 thrashing of Leicester at the Walkers Stadium last weekend."

USAID, Abortion, etc: A press release declares that several Peruvian "Congressmen [are] Outraged that USAID Supports Abortion in Peru." This debate has been spurred for several years by the North American nonprofit, the Population Research Institute, which is "dedicated to debunking the myth that the world is overpopulated," and the authors of the press release.

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