Saturday, February 14, 2004

Trouble Reading Peruvia? Press 'F11' key near top of your key board twice.

FLASH: The latest Associated Press piece declares that AToledo will stick with Carlos Ferrero Costa as Prime Minister in his new cabinet.

Toledo and Sympathizers: The Associated Press follows the cabinet shuffle and reviews AToledos' meetings with union leaders and state governors on Friday. Note: "Protests [are] planned [next month] by Peru's largest union confederation and the governors of 13 of the nation's 25 state-like regions." The story declares that El Peruano says that "Prime Minister Carlos Ferrero presented Toledo with a list of 34 candidates for the 16-member Cabinet." No consultations were held with Alan Garcia nor Lourdes Flores who were blamed by Javier Perez de Cuellar for "playing into the hands" of Fujimori. (See AFF below; see AG and LF dance together here). A slightly earlier Associated Press piece (both AP articles were written by Drew Benson) includes a quote from John Maisto, U.S. ambassador to the OAS: "We are confident that the [OAS] resolution ... will help the [Peru] find a way out of its current, complex political situation." In addition to support from the OAS (see the video of Eduardo Ferrero Costa's OAS comments from Thursday as well as the OAS resolution supporting Peru) and Jacques Chirac, Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi joins the mix. The Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, (Italy's government's news agency) offered this: "Berlusconi - according to a statement - is following the situation in Peru with great interest along with other leaders of the International community in admiration for the steps president Toledo is taking to improve democracy in his country."
The Associated Press and Reuters accompanies this story-line with photos, including this one from the Accion Popular team.
ALSO: The USA State Department offered a press release which "congratulates the Governments of Peru, Brazil, and Colombia on the February 11 signing of an agreement to cooperate in combating narco-trafficking and other transnational crimes on the rivers that border the three countries." Also included: "the hemisphere's scourges." (See "Borders" in Thursday's Peruvia below.)

Toledo and Detractors:
Political: Agence France Press reports that AFujimori is calling for early elections. "New general elections must be called to elect not only a new president but also a new congress as soon as possible," according to RPP Radio. AFP also obliges with a photo. Japan's Kyodo News, meanwhile, reports on an official Peruvian delegation arriving in Japan next Wednesday for AFujimori extradiction talks. "The delegation, headed by Martha Chavarri Dupuy, vice foreign minister in charge of Asian affairs, will discuss the issue with Japanese officials from the foreign and justice ministries."
Economic: Dow Jones reports that all this "political noise may threaten investments" according to the general manager of the American Chamber of Commerce in Peru, Aldo Defilippi. Others cited in the article include: Trade & Tourism Minister Alfredo Ferrero, and CONFIEPs' Leopoldo Scheelje.

Molotov in Lima: The Associated Press offers several photos of 'Molotov's' performance in Lima, including Randy Ebrigth, Tito Fuentes, and Miguel Huido. Just for good measure, Reuters also offers a picture.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- BNAmericas and Canadian Press on Barrick net income up 4%.
- Reuters on "Telefonica 2003 net 21.9 mln soles."

Valentines Day: Several paisanos in love including those in Boston and California. Also: the Toronto Star headlines this: "Enjoying beef heart on a stick takes raw courage; Peruvian fare a standard meal."

Ruinous Rain: The Associated Press reports from Chanchamayo on the heavy rains which "has not only flooded Tulumayo River, but also Nueva Vista and Playa Hermosa."

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