Thursday, March 25, 2004

AFF Reports In: The Associated Press, Kyodo News, and Xinhua Net report that Fujimori "has informed Peru's Supreme Court that he will appoint an attorney to defend himself against charges of corruption and human rights abuse." All of these reports seem to be based on the Andina news agency. "This is the first time that Fujimori has made any response to the Peruvian authorities about the criminal charges against him." Xinhua quotes Supreme Court Justice Jose Luis Lecaros declaring that Fujimori "had sent the defendant paper from Japan to the court via his attorney Raquel Cabrera Bazan."

AFF is #7: Transparency International released their Global Corruption Report 2004 which ranks Fujimori #7 in their Top Ten list of political embezzlers. Fujimori's booty is estimated at US$ 600 million. You can download the whole report or print out the section on Peru on pages 27 - 33 here.

IADB in Lima: Reuters released a general piece on the Inter-American Development Bank's Board meetings taking place in Lima. The Miami Herald reports that "a Florida delegation will travel to Lima today to hold a series of meetings with Peruvian officials and attendees at the Inter-American Development Bank annual meeting." Florida's Sun-Sentinel is blunter and declares that Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood is leading the team to Lima specifically "to push Miami's bid as headquarters for the proposed 34-nation Free Trade Area of the Americas pact."

- Reuters has a photo of Valeria Merea Silva winning the women's 50m breaststroke final at the South American Championship, in Uruguay.
- Associated Press has a photo of Brazilian Paulo Autori, coach of Peru's National team during a press conference about the World Cup 2006 qualifier match between Peru and Colombia in a on March 31.

Coca Chewers: The Associated Press offers photographs of coca farmers protesting and "demanding the release of one of their prominent leaders."

Being Poor 'Not That Bad': The British Melton Times reports that "Life's Not All That Bad in Lima's Shanty Towns," in a story on a local woman who is filming a documentary for EveryChild's Work. She declares, "One thing I did notice about the children was they are all extremely happy, even given their situation. They were lovely."

Ucayali Drilling: Gestion is reporting that Perupetro "is about to sign the concession contract for petroleum exploration and production in Lot 100, with the Peruvian Compania Consultora de Petroleo," in Ucayali.

Nazca Still Has Pollution: The BBC's Hannah Hennessy runs with an evergreen story and returns to Nazca and pollution. For other examples, including quotes from Alberto Urbano, see 'Trash and Tourists in Nazca' in February 1's Peruvia.

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