Monday, March 08, 2004

Big Sale: Telefonica Móviles purchased Bell South's cellular telephone operations in Peru (as well as in 9 other Latin American countries), thereby increasing its customer base from 1.5 milion to 2.14 million, almost 10% of the total population. For its part, BellSouth said it sold the 10 Latin American subsidiaries for "approximately $4.2 billion and reduce consolidated debt by $1.5 billion." Telefonica Móviles, the wireless affiliate of Telefonica, is the leader in the Peruvian cellular market. The Associated Press, the BBC, and two separate Reuters stories report on the sale.

Small Sale: Inca Pacific Resources put out a press release to announce their acquisition of Anaconda Peru's 51% interest in the Magistral Project in Ancash for US $2,100,000 thus increasing its interest to 100%." Antofagasta had announced the sale last month.

Copa America: Reuters reports on AToledo's request and Copa America's denial (by the Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol) "to stage the opening match in the ancient city of Cusco. Instead, the former Inca capital which lies 3,300 metres above sea level, was given only the third-place playoff while the tournament will kick off in Lima." Toledo upped the ante by making the ask on live television. CONMEBOL gives it's own version of the meeting in Peru. Reuters reminds that Cusco-based Cienciano won the Copa Sudamericana last year. Peru will spend about US$13 million in stadium refurbishments for the tournament. Reuters has several photos including one of Nicolas Leoz, CONMEBOL's president. The Associated Press and Reuters show AToledo holding "a replica cup." The matches will be played from July 6-25.

More Justice: The World Bank approved a loan for the Justice Services Modernization Project "to improve the delivery of justice services, strengthen justice sector institutions, and enhance public confidence in the justice system." The US$12 million project will also seek to enhance "access to justice for Peruvian society, in particular the poor, in cooperation with civil society organizations."

Art Exhibits: Colorado's Denver Post once again highlights several exhibits in museums with a Peruvian Angle including at the Denver Art Museum, The Museo de las Americas and the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. "The Museo exhibit closes Saturday, and the Arvada Center's photography show comes down on Sunday." For the politics behind some of these museum exhibits, see "Museums & Mining Co." in February 12's Peruvia.

Boxer Requiem: The Miami Herald runs a mini-profile of boxer Luis Villaltas but yesterday's Star-Ledger is more exhaustive. (See 'Boxer Hurt' in Peruvia throughout last week.)

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