Sunday, March 07, 2004

Calling Pacaran: The Associated Press reports from Pacaran on "how cell phones make medical reporting possible "[s]ince most of rural Peru lacks Internet connections, isolated health workers are often left to rely on paper medical reports that can take weeks to get back to Lima -- giving epidemics a head start on the Health Ministry." Though the piece, reported by Drew Benson, sometimes comes close to being a press release for Telefonica, it details the practical power of technology.

Boxer 'El Puma' Reprise: New Jersey's Star-Ledger offers a large personal profile of nine-time Peruvian lightweight boxing champion Luis Villalta's tragic death including his "flipp[ing] burgers at a McDonald's in Hillsborough, N.J." while he was on an athlete's visa in the USA. Florida's Sun-Sentinel responds to the boxer's death by calling "for stricter medical guidelines and more medical testing for boxers."

More Mummies: MSNBC runs an update of Reuter's Mummy story with additional photographs. Today's print New York Times runs the Tania Mellado's Reuters piece as well.

AFF Diatribe: China's Xinhua Net reviews AFujimori's Saturday radio address in Tokyo on Saturday, repeating his claims that AToledo "was 'ransacking' the country and leading it to an 'abyss.' "

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