Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Copa America: Peru as host of the Copa America is the news of the day and Reuters reports that yesterday's draw ceremony "highlighted some of the problems that have dogged South American football in recent years." Even though celebrities like Nene Cubillas and Dunga were seen selecting matches, CONMEBOL "had hand-picked the most important part of the draw last year." However, some of the article is a bit shady. For example, "Chile would be based closed to home" in Arequipa. However, there are no known flights from Santiago to Arequipa. Deserving more scrutiny: the double-billing system which offers two games in one setting. Reuters offers several photographs of the ceremony including Teofilo Cubillas watching Brazil's Dunga draws a ballot; CONMEBOL's General Secretary Eduardo de Luca hides behind Venezuela's name during a draw; and AToledo holding the real Copa America trophy (see yesterday's fakes). The Associated Press gets a close up of Gianmarco Zignano singing the "official Copa America song 'Mas Alla de los Suenos'.

Mining News:
- Canada's Manhattan Minerals Corp. put out a press release on the retirement of their CEO and CFO as well as a plan to "to diversify its asset base and is now evaluating and reviewing copper and gold projects in other countries." Also, Americo Villafuerte, President of the Company's Peruvian subsidiaries, will continue in his current position with responsibility for all Peruvian operations. Reuters reported on the Board changes and said that Manhattan's re-focus came as a result of "a disagreement" with Peru. "Peru's government was a partner with Manhattan in a project to build a small gold mine at Tambogrande in northern Peru, but in December the government ended the deal and said Manhattan could not go ahead with the mine because it failed to meet required terms."
- Gitennes Exploration released a press release on their gold and silver project at Urumalqui, near Trujillo, which begins this month.
- Orex Ventures offered a press release to announce their eventual purchase of two gold mines from Candente Resources. For their part, Candente Resource offered a counterpart press release.

Saving Water: Reuters reports that SEDAPAL will "cut off water supplies in Lima for 12 hours a day from April to November" if the drought continues. About 90% of Lima's water for its 8 million citizens would be affected.

Fujimori Wedding Bells: Reuters announces Keiko Sofia Fujimori, AFF's daughter and Peru's one-time first lady, will marry on July 3 according to the Peruvian daily, Correo. The groom is one Mark Villenueve, "a USA citizen." As the wedding is to be in Lima, the bride's father will have to be absent. Fujimori spokesman Carlos Raffo denied that this was any sort of a stunt. An early Correo story didn't include the grooms' surname though today's edition includes that as well as where the ceremony will take place.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- To Tax Or Not: Dow Jones and Reuters report on Congressional and perhaps constitutional roadblock on the the proposed reduction in the financial sector transactions tax, or ITF. Both article include PPK's exhortations on the matter.
- BNAmericas says that ProInversion "has released the bid presentation timetable for a concession contract to rehabilitate a 58.8km stretch of highway in Ucayali department," a US$62 million project.

Still Peru Negro: New York City's Village Voice finally gets around to reviewing Peru Negro's February 21 concert in the city. The reviewer enjoyed the "black pride - South American style" more than the show's humour.

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