Tuesday, March 30, 2004

IADB in Lima, cont: Agence France Press, the Associated Press, Xinhua Net, and the USA government all report on the opening of the IADB meetings. Among the issues including Peru:
- Reuters reports that Peru has joined Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina "in calling on the International Monetary Fund to be more flexible in applying accounting rules in order not to stifle growth."
- Reuters describes the politics behind choosing the new leader of the International Monetary Fund, and shows Peru trying to throw its weight around, including quotes from AToledo and P-PKuczynski on their support for the nominee from Spain. Reuters also shows AToledo decorating Spain Economy Minister Rodrigo Rato, and IMF nominee, with the 'Orden del Sol.'
- Reuters quotes Pedro- Pablo Kuczynski pushing "for support for small and medium-sized companies who had limited access to credit and are often outside the formal economy."
- Several photos of the event include Reuters with AToledo and EIglesias, another with with AToledo, EIglesias and P-PK, still another one with AToledo on the big screen.
- The Associated Press and Reuters shows disgruntled "Peruvian workers holding posters reading 'BID boicot.'

Other Trade News:
- Pakistan's Dawn reports that "Peru has imposed 34.66 per cent anti-dumping duty on Pakistan's fabrics," and suggest that this was a result of a "complaint of Peru Pima Sa - a textile company - [who] initiated an anti-dumping case on July 26, 2002 against five Pakistani exporters, alleging that they were dumping fabrics in Peruvian markets."
- China's Xinhua Net reports that, in Ecuador, "Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador are to hold joint negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement with the United States in May."
- A Tech Central Station opinion piece argues that it is a fair and good trade to have Starbucks in Lima and Peruvian restaurants in Portland. See also 'Redeeming Value?' in January 22's Peruvia.

Just Technology: BNAmericas reports that "Peru's judicial system is investing a total of US$8.2 million to overhaul its technology system, and is seeking further financing to continue with additional projects," according to the judicial system's general manager, Hugo Suero. Fedadoi is funding this effort, including the software platform, called the Integrated Peruvian Justice System.

AFF, cont: While the Associated Press reports that "a Peruvian court has approved a request to have ex-President Alberto Fujimori testify by a satellite link" in VMontesinos' bribery trial. Japan's Kyodo News reports that "Peru believes Japan will not extradite" AFujimori and "therefore take the case to the International Court of Justice in The Hague once it receives Tokyo's official refusal."

War of the Pacific, II: The Washington Times reviews how things stand between those who participated in the War of the Pacific: Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. The article includes quotes from an interview with Bolivian president, Carlos Mesa, as well as economist Jeffrey Sachs. Xinhua Net reports that Peruvian Foreign Minister Manuel Rodriguez said yesterday "that the sea border dispute between Peru and Chile was still 'an issue to be negotiated' as no agreement had been signed yet." This despite former Chilean President Eduardo Frei and current Chilean Foreign Minister Soledad Alvear recently affirming "that the 'issue is resolved.' " The Washington Times also re-runs the the UPI report that from 'War of the Pacific, II' in March 24's Peruvia below. (See also 'War of the Pacific, II" for the orginial story used by the Washington Times, in March 24 below.)

Peru vs. Colombia: The Associated Press suggests that the Peruvian National Team is ready for the match with Colombia.

Sad Story, cont: Florida's Sun-Sentinel follows up on the kidnapping and murder of nanny Monica Marina Rivera-Valdizan and reports that the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has released a composite sketch of a man they want to question. For more information, see 'People' in Wednesday 25's Peruvia.

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