Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Peru vs. Colombia: The Associated Press and Reuters offers photos about the Peru/Colombia World Cup Qualifying match tonight including a couple of Peruvian Shamans "spit[ting] a ceremonial elixir over a Colombian t-shirt and puppet, which represents soccer player Juan Pablo Angel." Other photos include Claudio Pizarro with a fan, among other photos. One player that will not appear at the game tonight: Nolberto Solano.

IADB in Lima, cont: The IADB meetings are wrapping up its annual meeting, "the regions oldest and largest creditor - which lends about $8 billion annually in Latin America - finds itself facing key decisions on how it lends, its response to the private sector and how to measure the results of its work." Reuters leads with P-PKuczynski making news, declaring that on Friday "European finance ministers are going to take a preliminary or final decision ... on whom to recommend as managing director of the International Monetary Fund." Among the photographs the wires provide of the clsoing of the meetings:
- the Associated Press offered more photos of "union workers protest[ing] during a demonstration against this week's meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank."
- the Associated Press has EIglesias giving AToledo "a collection of the flags of IDB member nations."
- Reuters shows P-PKuczynski with
- Reuters offers a close-up of Enrique Iglesias wearing a chullo.

Tensions Over Asparagus: The Los Angeles Times runs a business-of-Asparagus story that mentions Peru five times. "The California asparagus industry, which grows 80% of the nation's fresh asparagus, is in crisis, upended by the gales of global trade. " Who gets the blame? "Because of Peru's mild climate, it can produce asparagus nearly year-round, and that has exacerbated California farmers' problems." (See also 'No Asparagus?' in February 6's Peruvia.)

Tensions Over Tree Frogs: The Watley Review has an article on American poultry producers that includes a representative saying, "We are sick and tired of people eating ... Peruvian tree frogs, or lemurs or whatever, and saying it tastes like chicken."

Modernizing the Amazon? The Seattle Weekly previews Ted Conover's new book which will be about globalization and what it means when that remote tribe in Peru is contacted by the 21st century for the first time. It will be a very different kind of engagement with the subject.” Last June, Conover wrote "Peru's Highway of Dreams On Assignment" in the National Geographic Magazine.

Please, No More Conversions! Israel's Arutz Sheva reports that there may be an easing of the "enforced freeze of aliya" from Peru. (See also 'Please, No More Conversions!, cont' in March 23's Peruvia.)

USA Taxes in Peru: A Q&A in Bank Rate raises an interesting question tax question: "I am a U.S. citizen, married to a Peruvian woman, and as of May 2003 ..."

Sad Story, cont: Florida's Palm Beach Post follows on yesterday's Sun-Sentinel story on Monica Marina Rivera-Valdizan's tragic murder.

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