Monday, March 01, 2004

Protestants Meet: The ALC News (last item)reports on the Annual Assembly of the National Evangelical Council of Peru (CONEP), held in Chiclayo last week. Rev. Carlos Jara, from the Assemblies of God, was elected president. Dario Lopez, from the Church of God, was elected vice-president. The Assembly was affected by the transport strike as many delegates were not able to travel to Chiclayo. Among the groups CONEP works with are el Acuerdo Nacional, the National Human Rights Council, the National Education Forum, the Special Commission on Justice Administration Reform and the National Environmental Council.

AFF, cont: The Miami Herald reports on AFujimori's interview with Chile's La Tercera where he "reaffirmed his intention to return to power and said he sought to replace the government of Alejandro Toledo, which he dubbed a 'disaster'."

Sexy Moche: The Associated Press runs an article on Moche ceramics and their "sexual values in pre-Columbian Peru." Written by Rick Vecchio, the piece is pegged largely on an interview with historian Maximo Terrazos and the subterranean room marked ''Private'' in Peru's Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History. It also includes historical references to José de Acosta and to Dr. Alfred Kinsey, author of the Kinsey Reports on human sexual behavior.

No More Chickens: China's Xinhua Net reports that Peru imposed "a ban on poultry product imports from 14 bird flu-affected countries to protect thecountry from the disease." The banned imports include chickens, pheasants and their products and the countries affected include Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Belgium, Canada and the United States.

Boxer Hurt: The Associated Press, the Knight-Ridder Tribune news service, and the Miami Herald all report that "Former Peruvian lightweight champion Luis Villalta is in a coma after collapsing moments after his title-defense bout with Ricky Quiles on Saturday night." After losing the 12-round North American Boxing Association title fight, Villalta (29-6-1, 25 KOs) returned to his dressing room and started talking about the fight to his trainer, Charles Johnson. He complained that his head hurt and started vomiting. He then lost consciousness and collapsed.

Where to Go: The Miami Herald has a short travel piece that encourages tourists to go to La Calle de las Pizzas in Miraflores and El Parque Kennedy "for antiques."

'No' on de Soto: Pakistan's Jang News has a few biting comments in an op-ed on Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto: "Yes sirs, it'll all be well in the Land of the Pure, now that we have Professor Dr Hernando De Soto of Lima, Peru, helping 'detect' the 'system fault lines' that encourage bad things such as terrorism. ... So then, it has to be a Peruvian, no matter how qualified, to tell us Pakistanis what we should do to reduce poverty, and therefore the threat of terrorism in Pakistan, eh? Well, where lies the mystery: where is the golden door to which Professor Dr Hernando De Soto has the one and only key? Haven’t we spent our entire lives in this our Fatherland, don’t we know it inside out?"

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