Friday, March 19, 2004

Trouble Reading Peruvia? Press 'F11' key near top of your key board twice.

More/Mora Resignation: The BBC and Reuters cover the resignation of Gen. Daniel Mora, Peru's intelligence chief, [National Intelligence Council, or CNI] "amid claims that his agency had plotted to get Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi sacked." Once again, both base their reporting from El Correo. Note: Mr Mora is the sixth spy-chief in Peru to step down in less than three years. Reuters includes the recent "quarrel between Rospigliosi and Peru Posible lawmaker Jorge Mufarech, who traded accusations of impropriety regarding a police uniforms contract." The Miami Herald includes this story in their briefing synopsis.

Mobster Tied To Hotel Crillon Arrested: The Miami Herald runs an expose on Jose Miguel Battle Sr., "the 74-year-old Bay of Pigs veteran and alleged king of the bolita numbers rackets," who was arrested after a long search. In the 1990s, he escaped from the law by fleeing to Peru where he "apparently committed bigamy when he married a Peruvian [Evelyn Runciman] 40 years his junior so he could operate the Crillon hotel and casino in Lima." Runciman was among the 25 indicted yesterday and the Crillon was cited as a key money-laundering venture for The Corporation.

Drug Conference, Cont.: Reuters runs another story pegged on the 22nd annual International Drug Enforcement Conference held in Lima, this time on how "the Internet and cellular telephones are making drug traffickers harder than ever to catch and the job will only become more difficult as technology develops," according to Mark Malcolm, an intelligence analyst at the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. The story also runs in USA Today. See 'Drug Conference' in yesterday's Peruvia.

Grieving in Lima, cont.:The New York Times and the Washington Post, among others, notes the death of a 22-year-old Peruvian woman in Madrid, raising the death toll in the train attacks to 202. The Associated Press and Reuters offer photos of mourners at the Spanish Embassy in Lima.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Reuters reports that "Brazilian construction company Norberto Odebrecht on Friday presented the sole bid for the first phase of Peru's Olmos hydroelectric project," according to ProInversion. The construction of a nine-mile tunnel through the Andes and the first phase of a dam will cost $118.5 million and will eventually generate 2,400 gigawatt hours a year."
- Bloomberg reports that "Peru's main stock index rose to a record, led by mining companies such as Volcan Cia. Minera SA and Minsur SA, which gained on demand for zinc, tin and copper from growing economies in China and the USA."
- Reuters Tania Malledo has an interview with Alfredo Matos of Luz del Sur, Peru's No. 2 electricity firm. Sales are expected to grow this year by 3 to 4%.

Tourist Scene: Frommers offers a tourist analysis for all of Latin America. "Peru had a rough time of it during the first couple years of Alejandro Toledo's administration, with strikes by public workers and several cabinet reorganizations, but international interest in Peru continues to grow."

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