Wednesday, March 24, 2004

War of the Pacific, II: The United Press International places the recent frigate purchase in "an arms race" context between Chile and Peru. The piece is full of MiGs, Soyuz, Leopards, Black Hawks, and even T-82 tanks. It also suggests that Chile's purchase of four new missile frigates from the Netherlands "influenced Peru's decision to double" the number of frigates that it's buying. Also included: the "recent border incident in which Chilean marines shot and killed a Peruvian civilian who was allegedly crossing into Chile illegally." Extra detail: the piece suggest that the Peruvian Air Force overpowers its Chilean counterpart. (See 'War of the Pacific, Redux' in Monday's Peruvia below.) Separately: MercoPress runs an article today on "Bolivia remembers loss of Pacific access."

Peruvian Submarine, cont: Florida's Pensacola News Journal (third item) reports that a Peruvian submarine is "set to depart Pensacola Naval Air Station today." It had formed part of the recent USS John F. Kennedy carrier strike group training exercises. "The submarine belonged to the opposing force in the war simulation exercise." (See also 'Peruvian Submarine' in March 15's Peruvia.)

Copa America: The Associated Press has a boring story while Reuters has an invigorating one on Sporting Cristal's victory over Argentina's Rosario Central. Says Reuters: "Captain Jorge Soto scored with a bicycle kick and also converted a penalty to help Peru's Sporting Cristal hammer Rosario Central of Argentina 4-1 in the first round of the Americas Cup. Meanwhile, Reuters inserts some soap-opera news to the tournament reporting that Ecuador threatened pull out of the Copa America "saying their hotel accommodation had been cancelled in favour of Argentina." Reuters offers photos of the Cienciano game as well as the Cristal game.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- the Associated Press offers photos (but no story yet): "a union worker waves Peruvian and Cuban flags during a demonstration in downtown Lima."
- Panoro Minerals released a press release announcing that they have "resumed drilling at its El Rosal property in Peru following a number of mechanical problems with equipment of the former drill contractor which has now been replaced."
- Sulliden Exploration put out a press release announcing that they were about to acquire a 66-per-cent interest in two concessions located adjacent to its Shahuindo gold/silver project" in the Cachachi district of Cajamarca.
- Air Canada released a press release today announcing that "it will continue to expand its services to Latin America with the introduction of non-stop flights from Toronto to Caracas, Venezuela; Bogota, Colombia, and Lima, Peru."
- Reuters reports that Southern Peru Copper Corp "awarded a leaching project at its Toquepala mine to Peruvian firm Cosapi, and the new process would save it $25 million a year."
- BNAmericas reports that Phelps Dodge "is about to give the go-ahead to a US$400mn-US$700mn expansion project at its Cerro Verde mine in southern Peru."
- IADB Conference: Reuters gets AToledo in the same frame as Enrique Iglesias.

From North and East:
- North Carolina's Channel 14 television station reports that the town of Gastonia has become the sister city Santiago de Surco, a Lima suburb. Participating in the local ceremony was Santiago de Surco Mayor Carlos Dargent Chamot. (Archive: See this Dargent profile from Pittsburgh's Tribune Review.)
- India's Delhi's Newsline informs that a the play, "Jameela Bai Kalaali," will be perfomed again. The drama was "adapted from Peruvian Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa's La Chunga."

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