Friday, March 12, 2004

Whose Royalties? Reuters offers what seems to be a story on mining royalties that both Peru and Chile are considering. The piece begins with an 'analyst,' affiliated with the Toromocho copper project, who is opposed to the proposed royalties: "We might not have picked Peru for the (Pierina) project if there was a built-in impediment." Also quoted are Jose Miguel Morales, National Society of Energy, Mining and Petroleum, who is equally opposed to the measure. The article ends with two individuals (Philip Daniel, Transborder, and Jim Otto, Colorado School of Mines) who think this change is "not necessarily bad." After including a skeptical quote from Energy and Mines Minister Jaime Quijandria, the reporter comes out with his opinion declaring that Peru "can ill afford to kill a goose that lays golden eggs."

Please, No More Conversions! Israel's Arutz Sheva reports that Jewish immigration to Israel from Peru and India "'will be frozen, purportedly due to the fact that immigrants from those countries undergo only Orthodox conversions and often choose to live in Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza)."

Catching Up With Mummies: National Geographic catches up with the story on the mummies at Puruchuco-Huaquerones, and includes quotes from archaeologist, and National Geographic-funded, Guillermo Cock. For more information, see 'More Mummies' in March 6's Peruvia below.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Reuters reports that gold output in Peru "rose 23.2 percent in January year-over-year to 17,387 fine kilos," according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.
- Reuters files on the effects of the "controversial tax on banking transactions" which, "is hurting Peruvian businesses and banks just 11 days after it came into effect and must be scrapped if Peru wants to create jobs and prosperity," according to the Lima Chamber of Commerce.

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