Friday, April 23, 2004

AeroContinente Banned: AFX, the Associated Press, Reuters, and the Voice of America report that Aero Continente "is temporarily banned from flying to and from the United States," according to the Transport Ministry which cited a decision by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The airline runs four Miami-Lima flights a week and has 60 percent of Peru's domestic market. The AP quotes U.S. Embassy spokesman Michael Stanton who said "the FAA sent a letter Thursday to Aero Continente's operations director, Victor Jaime Manrique, saying discussions between the FAA and Peru's Civil Aviation Authority "resulted in a common understanding of the significant safety issues." It also cites FAA spokesman Christopher White and reminds of potential interest by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration of airline founder, Fernando Zevallos. Reuters quotes Aero Continente Director Carlos Morales, spokesman German Arata and a ticket saleswoman who said "the airline's next U.S.-bound flight on Friday night to Miami was confirmed." A blind USA aviation source said "the decision was over safety issues, without giving more details." The Miami Herald alone among the major USA dailies picks up the story, mainly using the AP wire. The Herald adds that tonights flight, "leaving at 1 a.m., will fly with a plane and crew chartered from Falcon Air. The Associated Press offers a photo of FZevallos and CMorales after their news conference yesterday. AFX states that FZevallos believes himself to be "the victim of a 'vendetta' " by Wilson Benzaquen, head of Peru's General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Aero Continente. SEE ALSO: the USA Consular Information on Peru which has some dated material on Aerocontinente; a few recent complaints the USA Federal Aviation Administration has had with Aerocontinente. See also: 'FZevallos' 3rd Trial' in March 28's Peruvia.

War of the Pacific, cont: The United Press International headlines "Chilean port privatization brings tensions" reporting that "protests against a proposed takeover of Arica's harbor by multinational interests pose an embarrassing challenge to the socialist government of President Ricardo Lagos, who faces widespread opposition to the scheme." References include a "a century-old treaty granting [Bolivia]privileged access to the port lost in an 1879 war." About 80 percent of Arica´s business comes from Bolivia. ALSO: "There is also built-in competition with Peru, which has rights over a part of the harbor straddling its territorial waters." The article ends with a debate about the militarized level of the "120 mountain passes joining Bolivia with Arica."

Si Cumple, Questioned, cont: Agence France Press gets AFujimori's side of the story of the JNE's disqualification of his party for the 2006 national elections. Said Fujimori to AFP, "[my] supporters are no less than one third of the total voters, which in absolute figure is more than five million people." The story continues by saying that "Fujimori, 66, has been seeking to run in the 2006 elections despite being in contempt of court for failing to appear at several trials on corruption and human rights violation charges allegedly committed under his 1990-2000 rule."

Doctor's Strike, cont: The British medical journal The Lancet reports that the physicians "who have been striking since April 12, have convinced the Ministry of Economy and Finances to increase the health budget by about US$5 million." However, the doctors "vowed to continue the strikes until long-overdue pay rises are granted." Quoted is Luis Paredes, president of the Medical Federation of Peru, who estimates that "the sector would need about $170 million to improve infrastructure and to ensure that hospitals and clinics have the equipment and materials they need." Also cited: Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti. "Gross wages for doctors on the public payroll range from about $620 to about $760 a month. Paredes said the range should be at least $890 to $1090." See Also: 'Doctor's Strike' in April 13's Peruvia.

Movimiento #3: Reuters reports that "about 1,000 peasants armed with shotguns, machetes and sticks marched on [Tambogrande], seeking to drive out the miners," according to Deputy Mines Minister Cesar Polo. The mine is owned by Monterrico Metals Plc. Last year, a similar group "claimed a victory last year after Peru shut the door on a gold and copper mine planned by Canada's Manhattan Minerals Corp." Also quoted: Monterrico Chief Operating Officer Ray Angus and Dante Vera, adviser to Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi.

Juche in Peru, cont: The Korean Central News Agency reports that the Peruvian national meeting "took place at the building of the Peruvian Teachers' Unique Trade Union on April 12 to commemorate the Day of the Sun. At the meeting speakers said that President Kim Il Sung was the greatest man in the 20th century who founded the immortal Juche idea, led the socialist revolution and construction in Korea to a victory and made great contributions to the development of the socialist movement of the world and global independence. They said his cause has been creditably carried forward by leader Kim Jong Il and spoke highly of his greatness. ... Present on invitation was the DPRK ambassador to Peru."

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Southwestern Resources put out a press release to announce that "Newmont Peru Limited, as joint venture operator of the Liam Core Area, has informed the Company that the first phase drilling program will begin in the next few days on the Liam Gold-Silver Project located in the Southern Tertiary Belt of Peru."
- Candente puts out a press release reports that "a new gold-silver target has been identified by mapping and rock chip sampling within the Alto Dorado Property. The new target has a high level epithermal signature with gold grades of up to 15 grams per tonne (gpt) and silver of up to 117 gpt in an extensive siliceous quartz stockwork zone covering a minimum area of 500 by 300 metres (m)." Drilling will begin in May.
- Reuters reports that Telefonica's first quarter profits soared 220%.
- Bloomberg and Just Drinks reports that Backus & Johnston "has posted a huge drop in Q1 net income."
- Dow Jones reports that Edelnor said that "first-quarter net income fell to 27.44 million soles ... due mainly to larger payments for income tax and for worker participation rights as well as a decline in revenues."

SMulanovich WINS: Australia's ABC and the Courier and Mail report that Peruvian surfer Sofia Mulanovich's has won the Roxy Pro World Championship Tournament in Fiji. "Mulanovich scored the only perfect 10-point score of the event with her first ride." Reuters has a photograph of the victor. See 'SMulanovich' over the last several days.

Music Offering: The UK's Denbighshire Press reports that Peruvian band APU will be playing this summer at the Ruthin Festival.

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