Thursday, April 15, 2004

EKarp is Challenged, cont: Reuters follows yesterday's AP story on First Lady Eliane Karp and the state auditor Genaro Matute Mejía's investigation "into a $5 million World Bank loan to a government commission [she] headed." Matute said he was following the World Bank request to conduct the audit. Marcelo Giugale, the Bank's representative for Peru, "declined to comment on the case."

Protecting the Motherland, cont: Russia's ITAR-TASS reports that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak arrived in Peru to meet with Peruvian Foreign Minister Manuel Rodrigues Cuadros and "have political consultations with his Peruvian counterpart Deputy Foreign Minister Luis Solari," according to the Russian embassy in Lima. This will be "the third consultations on the level of deputy foreign ministers. The last meeting took place in Moscow in 2002."

Doe Run Denied: Reuters reports that Doe Run Peru will not receive "extra time beyond 2007 to meet a government-mandated environmental plan to combat pollution from its La Oroya refinery and smelter in the central Andes." Speaking before the environment commission, Energy and Mines Minister Jaime Quijandria declared that, "'We'll meet as often as need be to analyze this subject. But the current legal framework is the one that must be met." According to Quijandria, Doe Run had used "70 percent of its permitted PAMA timeframe but had only met 23 percent of its environmental obligations so far. Archive: See 'Doe Run' in February 27's Peruvia: "Doe Run Peru has admitted that 'lead poisoning of children by the facility's emissions was a serious problem.' " ALSO: 'Doe Run's Solution' in February 18's Peruvia and 'Toxic Clouds' in February 9's Peruvia.

Growing Numbers Bloomberg reports that "Peru's $61 billion economy expanded in February, led by a 29 percent increase of gold and copper production in the country's mines," according to the National Statistics Institute (INEI). Dow Jones says that "the strong expansion of Peru's gross domestic product in February shows the economic expansion has momentum." Said INEI Cheif Farid Matuk, "The period of a low economic tide has changed, and in the following months the economy will slowly continue to recover until it once again reaches substantial levels."

New Dance Company: The Miami Herald profiles Peruvian American dance choreographer Jimmy Gamonet De Los Heros, who has "announced the creation of a ballet company, with the first public event scheduled as a fundraiser Saturday and a full inaugural season projected for 2005." Ballet Gamonet will now "begin building a core ensemble of dancers "to showcase the marvelous achievements of this great matrix of culture and to share these contributions on the world stage," according to Gamonet.

How to Make a Park, cont: Knight Ridder newspapers fan out the Chicago Tribune story on Cordillera Azul National Park including it in the Kansas City Star, Minnesota's Pioneer Press, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Your Destiny: Minnesota's Star Tribune announces that the Alvaro Velarde's feature film, "Destiny Has No Favorites," (El Destino No Tiene Favoritos) plays tonight at the Minneapolist/St. Paul International Film Festival. Synopsis: "A rich, repressed housewife finds that her husband has rented their garden for the production of a TV soap opera."

- Chicago's Northwestern Unversity states that, "[w]hen Santiago (Willy) Lock left Peru, he was one of the top-ranked players in his country. Less than one year later, as a freshman at Northwestern, he's taking Big Ten tennis by storm and quickly becoming a fan favorite."

Media Study: The International Journalists Network reports on a new study by Sandra Crucianelli "aimed at helping regional journalists overcome their lack of human and technical resources. She first had the idea for the study, which she expects to complete in July, during an international investigative journalism seminar that took place in March in Piura, Peru." The Red de Periodistas Peruanos is collaborating with her study and she has her questionairre posted online.

Kenjii Healed: According to Britain's Daily Record, Brazilian spiritualist leader, John of God, has "cured illnesses for actresses Janet Leigh and Shirley MacLaine, the son of Peru's president Alberto Fujimori and thousands of others, charging nothing for his services."

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