Monday, April 05, 2004

Ephemeral Justice: The New York Times runs an article on 'fighting graft' during a time that "should be the golden era of justice in Peru" but which currently has
"Ministers, legislators, judges and other powerful figures — some 1,400 people in all — fac[ing] charges." AFujimori's term was "a quasi-dictatorship steeped in crime" while AToledo's government "has been tarnished by a string of peccadilloes and scandals." Quotes come from Diego Garcia-Sayán, Luis Vargas Valdivia, Ernesto de la Jara, César Pantoja, and Gustavo Gorriti. (LVV gets a photo as does his office.) Listed among the recently convicted: Congressman Ernesto Gamarra; Supreme Court Justice Alejandro Rodríguez; Attorney General Blanca Nélida Colán; and Gen. José Villanueva.

AGarcia Villified, by WSJ: The Wall Street Journal, again, digs into AGarcia, who is "villified" and "disgraced" in the first paragraph alone. Written by Joel Millman (his first exclusively on Peru?), the article is ostensibly about Garcia's preparation for the 2006 presidential race but the article is really about knocking his candidacy. The piece ends with the only quote for the article from Walter Molano, chief Latin American economist at BCP Securities, who compares Garcia to Lula, Chavez and Kirchner.

The Lima/Moscow Line Lives: The Russian ITAR-TASS news agency reports that sales of Russian weapons to Latin America may reach US$100 million. Peru is still listed among the "group of countries [who were] traditional partners of Russia since Soviet times – Cuba, Nicaragua and Peru." The main source for the article is Alexander Betenekov, consultant to Russian Defence Export and formerly associated with the Comite Nactional Para la Cooperacion Economica con los Paises Latinoamericanos who declares, “Peru is the most promising among these three countries.”

De Soto's Prize, cont: The Scotsman continues the accolades bestowed upon Hernando de Soto, for receiving the Cato Institute's Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty. Here he is "a man with the potential to change millions of lives" including, apparently, those in Scotland. The piece was written by John Blundell, the director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs whose web site salutes HdSoto. (See also 'De Soto Wins Prize' in April 1's Peruvia below.)

Historic Squatting: The Miami Herald (second item) reports that the National Institute of Culture "wants to remove families it says are squatting near the ruins of Sacsahuaman. In the past two decades, houses, shops and small bars targeting tourists have been built on about 10 percent of the park."

Corporate Responsibility: Delaware's News Journal has a local piece on Univ. of Deleware MBA professor Jennifier Gregan-Paxton's interest in studying 'corporate responsibility' in the jungles of Peru through a mining company's interaction with the surrounding community. Gregan-Paxton has posted the a photo album of her visit to Peru. An earlier university press release detailed her focus further.

Illegal Music/Video: The Associated Press runs a photograph of the raid on the underground market known as 'El Hueco,' which produced "more than 30 metric tons of pirated music and movie discs with an estimated black market value of $2 million."

'Pututo': The Associated Press offers several photographs of "an Andean spiritual ceremony paying tribute to the pre-Colombian earth gods ... part of the inauguration of a three-day meeting of indigenous women from across the Americas." The Associated Press also sneaks in a separate photograph celebrating another religious ceremony: Palm Sunday.

- Chess Wizard: The Miami Herald notes that Daniel Fernandez, 18, and a Peruvian immigrant, remains in the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship finals. Fernandez "received a full chess scholarship and a $4,000 annual stipend" from the University of Texas, Dallas.
- 'Crazy Wilson': The United Press International news agency reports that 'Crazy' Wilson Dominguez has joined the 134th edition of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. This paisano "performs on a rotating pendulum, somersaults on a high wire and spins around the interior of a steel sphere with three other motorcyclists."

Investment Question: The Miami Herald's investment columnist responds to a question that begins: "I have power of attorney for my brother-in-law who lives in Peru."

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