Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Getting In/Staying In USA: The Associated Press and the Voice of America report that the U.S. Coast Guard detained 35 Peruvian and Dominican migrants trying to reach Puerto Rico yesterday. The VOA quotes the AFP saying that "finding Peruvians at sea is unusual and that it is not clear how they ended up near Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports that Florida Governor Jeb Bush now supports illegal foreigners obtaining driving licenses. Said the Governor: "We shouldn't allow them to come into the country to begin with, but once they're here, what do you do? Do you basically say they are lepers to society? That they don't exist?" More than 1 million people in Florida from other Latin American nations -- including Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Skiing in Peru: USA Water Ski announced that Peru is the host of the 2004 Pan American Water Ski Championships that begin today in Bujama Lacus, near Cañete. The biennial event runs through Sunday. (Location: Panamericana Sur, Km. 98.)

Who Threw the First Stone? Japan's Kyodo News reports that "several dozen opponents and supporters of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori clashed outside the Japanese Embassy in Lima. ... The skirmish occurred when the two groups began stoning each other, prompting the police to send a riot squad."

Alejandro & Zarai: The Associated Press and the BBC follow up on the Piura Court's order to AToledo "to pay 5 percent of his salary to support" Zarai Toledo. A 5 percent payment is approximately $420 a month. The Associated Press offers a photo of Zarai and her mother from 2002.

Patria Roja in Korea, cont: The Korean Central News Agency reports again from Pyongyang "on the occasion of the Day of the Sun" otherwise known as Kim Il Sung's birthday. Among those who celebrated were: the Lambayeque Province of Peru and the La Industria Newspaper Office of Peru.

Strike Two, cont: BNAmericas reviews the strike affecting port workers in Callao. Contradictory reports are reported, some suggesting that "the port is not paralyzed, vessels are being unloaded" while Ricardo de Guezala de la Flor, president of the Asociación Peruana de Agentes Marítimos (APAM), is quoted as saying that "six vessels anchored outside the port could not be unloaded." Cesar Grados, of the Federación Nacional de Trabajadores Marítimos y Portuarios, Fluviales y Lacustres del Perú (FEMAPOR) declared that "Callao port has been working at 30% capacity since the first day of the strike." Others cited: FEMAPOR general secretary Sergio Valdivia, Minister of Labor Javier Neves Mujica, and Luis Vega Monteferri, president of the Asociacion de Exportadores (ADEX).

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Reuters reports that Peru will lobby the Paris Club "to accept a switch in the terms of its debt," according to Economy Minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. P-PK suggested that 81% of Peru's foreign debt "comes due in the next decade because of debt restructuring dating from the late 1990s, and the toughest year will be 2012, when more than $3.5 billion must be repaid." This year, Peru will pay $2.2 billion to service its debt.
- Dow Jones reports that Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is scheduled to appear before Congress on April 15 and respond to 14 questions about "a water project known as Marca II." The project would connect two waterways in the Andes Mountains. Context: "Recent water shortages in the Lima area have raised the profile of the capital's water supplies."
- The Russian News Agency Novosti reviews the economic impact of the integration between the Comunidad Andina with Mercosur.
- Reuters states that mining exports are up 40 percent so far in 2004, according to the Ministry of Energy and Mines.
- Solitario Resources put out a press release declaring their Letter of Agreement with Newmont Peru involving the La Tola property, "an early-stage gold exploration project situated in the heart of the rapidly emerging southern Peru gold belt."
- Bloomberg reports that Gloria, Peru's biggest dairy company, "will pay 62 million soles to shareholders."
- Canada's Inca Pacific Resources released a press release announcing their acquisition "of Anaconda Peru's 51% interest in the Magistral Project for US $2,100,000 thus increasing its interest to 100%."
- Reuters reported earlier on the lifting of the seasonal fishing ban for anchovy until April 16. "The government implemented the ban on Jan. 16 to protect fish stocks in the Pacific." Some facts cited: Peru is the world's largest producer of fishmeal. China is Peru's biggest fishmeal customer.

De Soto's Prize, cont: The UK's Guardian reprints a speech by David Willetts, (the Conservative's head of policy co-ordination), to the Social Market Foundation about the reform the public services in which he cites Hernando de Soto's 'The Other Path' as "one of the shrewdest investigations of the problems of the Third World" and declares that "at last a very limited 'de Soto revolution' is stirring in Britain.

VladiVideos in Mexico? The Agencia Latinoamericana de Información publishes an essay by PUCP Economist Oscar Ugarteche titled: "The Peruvian Mirror of Mexican Political Corruption: A view from Latin America." In it, he focuses on a comparison between the Fuji/Vladi videos and the new videos currently appearing in Mexican politics.

Aristide vs. Montesinos: AlterNet compares the USA charges that Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide's had alleged ties to cocaine traffickers and Vladimir Montesinos' status as a "30-year CIA asset for supplying Colombian drug traffickers with weapons." It is based largely on Associated Press stories and includes a suspicious sounding sentence: "The former CIA Head of Station in Peru, Robert Gorelick, believed to have been the linkman for the agency with Montesinos, has also refused to testify in a Peruvian court."

Peru Negro, cont: The International Herald Tribune includes another review of Peru Negro's Jolgorio. "Peruvian salsa is a mixture of West African roots and Afro-Cuban branches with the traditions and instruments of the Andes. ... The track 'Carnaval Negro' just might blow your mojo."

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