Thursday, April 22, 2004

Movimiento #1: Reuters reports that the cocalero's strike "was centered around Tingo Maria, where thousands of coca farmers were expected to converge to march on the capital. They were set to arrive in Lima next Monday." Narco News reminds that "last year, over 15,000 farmers swelled the ranks of an 18-day march from their hometowns to the national capital of Lima. How many will join the blockades in 2004?"

Movimiento #2: The Associated Press reports that "hundreds of protesters marched through Lima on Wednesday to demand the government give them back the jobs." They claimed that they had lost their jobs "illegally during the administration of former president, Alberto Fujimori." The protestors clashed with police as they approached the Labour Ministry. "They threw rocks at the police and burnt tyres. The police responded with tear gas and water cannons."

Si Cumple, Questioned, cont: The Associated Press and Dow Jones further the story on the Jurado Nacional de Elecciones' decision to deny AFujimori's Si Puede an entry for the 2006 elections. The story says the "new political party's name is invalid because of a procedural error." Cited by the AP: the JNE's Manuel Sanchez-Palacios who declared, "All modifications have to be in line with current laws." He added that the party has until February 1, 2005, to apply for the name change correctly. Cited by Dow Jones: JNE's titular head, Javier Alva Orlandini, who said, "There is a disqualification and it has to be respected. It is a legal norm that is valid." Meanwhile, AFX has AFujimori's reaction to the ruling.

UNDP Report in Lima, cont: The Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald and the New York Times all run full pieces on yesterday's UNDP report, Democracy in Latin America, which stated that "A majority of Latin Americans say they would support the replacement of a democratic government with an "authoritarian" one if it could produce economic benefits." The Herald's reporting is the best with people-on-the-street interviews (from Pedro Apaza and Carmen Velasquez) and ends by saying, "a United Nations official said the release of the program's report in Lima was not designed to highlight the threat to Toledo's continued service in office." (The MH files from Lima while the NYT reports from NYC and the LAT from Buenos Aires). The Washington Post includes a two-paragraph wire story on the event. Radio Netherlands posts an interview about the report with Bill Orme, a UNDP spokesperson.

Peruvian Food in DC: The Washington Post recommends THREE Peruvian restaurants to its metropolitan readership today. First is El Pollo Rico ("Save room for the thick tortillas and savory empanadas"); Second is Twice as Good ("for Peruvian roast chicken"); and Third is La Chozita Grill ("Be sure to try the corn tamales and leave room for the flan").

Pilots who Shot Missionaries 'Innocent', cont: The Los Angeles Times uses an edited version of yeterday's AP story in today's paper. Also: Michigan's Muskegon Chronicle reports on the missionary who was on that fateful flight. "[Jim] Bowers' second wife, Stacie, is expected to give birth next month." He is now a missionary in Portugal.

Backus' Changes and Challenges: Bloomberg and Dow Jones report that "Backus & Johnston's net income fell in the first quarter after the company cut retail prices, seeking to boost sales and shore up its market before Brazil's AmBev starts selling beer in Peru." A separate Bloomberg piece reports on the retirement of Backus & Johnston chairman Elias Bentin who was replaced by Alejandro Santo Domingo, 27, the son of Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Colombia's richest person, who took over Backus last year. The story also reports that Southern Peru Copper Corp.'s "first quarter soared fourfold to $86.8 million."

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Reuters reports on the auction of Las Bambas copper deposit set for auction on July 2, which "should increase its annual exports by 30 percent and generate 1 percent of gross domestic product every year once the mine comes into operation." Cited are Jorge Merino (ProInversion) and the fourteen companies pre-qualified for the Las Bambas auction including Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Teck-Cominco, Southern Peru Copper Corp., and Barrick Gold Corp. "
- Sultan Minerals put out a press release to announce an option agreement with Sociedad Minera De Responsabilidad Limitada Coripampa.
- BNAmericas reports that the Banco de Credito "will expand its push into Peru's low income segments this year by opening 10 new offices in Lima," according to investor relations manager José Hung.
- BNAmericas reports that "Mastercard International signed a strategic alliance with the Banco de Credito."
- BNAmericas reports on the US$100 million water project Proyecto de Aguas Superficiales in Piura that will "benefit 307,000."

Jane’s Review: Jane's Intelligence Review publishes an update on Peru including the cocalero strike, Toledo's approval ratings, and the possible Shining Path resurgence.

Rapes in Huánuco? The Protestant group International Justice Mission is sponsoring a five day training in sexual assault prosecution of the United States for Prosecutor/Fiscal Amadeo Cerron Uceda (Cuarta Fiscalia Provincial Penal, Huánuco), Victor Ciro Torre Salcedo, (Corte Superior, Huánuco) and Victor Rengifo Tuesta (Police Chief of La Oroya). As a result, the Illinois Pioneer Press reports that there is “a horrifying wave of sexual assaults in a city in Peru's highlands.” The Dupage County Daily Herald reported that “in Huánuco, the vast majority of child rapists aren't prosecuted for a crime that leaders there say has reached epidemic proportions.” The travelling group received an award from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan as seen in the photo labelled “4/15/2004 Peruvian Legal Delegation." An IJM spokesman said the weeklong visit is "part of the project to encourage people in Peru to become more trustful of their legal system." Separately, the groups' senior counsel Jaime Ferrant said that "Huánuco is a beautiful city nestled in the Andes, but its crime problem may overshadow that fact.”

SMulanovich & Quarterfinals Still Postponed: Australia's Advertiser reports that the US$100,000 Roxy Pro surfing competition (with a US$100,000 top prize) "was postponed for the second day today due to continued small surf." See yesterday's 'SMulanovich & Quarterfinals Postponed.'

- Virginia's Roanoke Times, in an article about raising alpacas, quotes someone saying, "people in Peru measure their wealth in livestock."
- The Economist reports on comparing education transnationally and declares: 'Americans worry from time to time about the undeniably impressive lead that Japanese students have over students in the United States—but the gap between American students and students in Peru is fully three times bigger."

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