Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Mudslides in MPicchu, Cont: Bloomberg quotes Joanna Boyen, Peru Rail's public relations manager, declaring that "all our trains left on schedule and we transported 1,400 tourists today.'' The BBC reports that "rescue workers in Peru are using heavy machinery in the search for 10 people still missing." The United Press International is relieved to note that "the ruins were reportedly not damaged in the slides." Finland's Helsingin Sanomat reports that "a Finnish group of 32 tourists was trapped on Saturday" in the mudslide. After some worries as to where the Finns were, they were found to be headed for Lake Titicaca.

Art Destroyed: The Associated Press reports that "grave robbers destroyed a 1,000-year-old mural" at the Huaca Bandera site, in Lambayeque, according to the Bruning Museum's Marco Fernandez. The damage was irreversible.

Buy Your Bamba Here: The Associated Press (belatedly) runs a full piece on the piracy issues surrounding Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ' DVD which went on sale on Lima's streets for under a US$1.00 "nearly a month before the film's opening ... prompting distributors to rush the movie into theaters early." Cited in the article: Polvos Azules, Martin Moscoso, head of copyright protection at Indecopi; and the Washington-based International Intellectual Property Alliance. Also for sale: USA & European Union international driver's licenses.

Doctor's Strike: The Associated Press, Dow Jones, and Misna all report that the Peruvian Medical Federation went on strike. The AP, which has the strongest story, said "about 12,000 of its 20,000 members went on strike" while Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti told reporters that "94.7 percent of the state doctors showed up for work in Lima and that 60 percent of them were attending patients in the provinces." Misna said it was at least "14,000 doctors." The Miami Herald (fourth item) has a short version of the AP story.

Trading with B&H: Bosnia and Herzegovina's Federal News Agency reports that Foreign Minister Rodriguez Cuadros Manuel met today with Foreign Minister Mladen Ivanic in Lima and "discussed the modalities for improving the bilateral cooperation between the two countries at political and economic levels." Ivanic and his delegation also met with "the President of the Foreign Affairs Commission in the Parliament of Peru, Jose Luis del Arco, and with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce in Lima."

Filming the Prophecy: The city of St. Augustine, FL updates the filming of 'Celestine Prophecy' and states that "Aviles Street, one of St. Augustine's most picturesque, Old World streets, will be portrayed as a street in Lima in the film adaptation."

LHorna Wins! The BBC and Reuters note that seventh seeded Luis Horna defeated American wild card Brian Vahaly 6-3 6-1 in the first round of the US Men's Clay Court Championships in Houston.

Toledo's Troubles: Pakistan's Daily Times publishes an opinion piece by La República investigative reporter Angel Páez, a skeptical review of the Toledo administration. "Toledo has invented a new extreme sport, a soccer game in which he is the sole player. Instead of kicking the ball to win, he aims so that his opponent scores."

Andean Influenza: The Pan-American Health Organization' weekly update reviewed the 'Epidemiology and Diagnostics of Influenza in the Andean Subregion' workshop held in February in Lima. The event was coordinated by the Ministry of Health of Peru, the Peruvian Epidemiological Society, and the PAHO Country Office in Peru."

Macro/Micro News:
- Dow Jones reports that Alan Garcia "opposed privatizing the state-owned oil refinery at Talara," in an interview with CPN radio. 'I think that with the abuses tied to the price of oil, it is necessary that the state maintains a possibility to regulate with a refinery,' he added. Petroperu's refinery at Talara has about half the fuel market in Peru.
- BNAmericas reports that "the bidding schedule for concessions to operate water utilities in Tumbes and Piura departments should be ready in two weeks," according to ProInversion.
- Dow Jones reports that Peru's Congress is investigating Telefonica's management of their company's expansion.

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