Monday, April 19, 2004

Sendero Suggests Strikes: The Associated Press, the BBC, Dow Jones, and Reuters all report on Shining Path leader 'Artemio's' announcement yesterday that the armed struggle was "regrettably beginning again." The interviews were given to RPP radio and America Television's Cuarto Poder "from his jungle hideout in central Peru" in which he declared that he was "giving the government 60 days to come up with a response in the search for a political solution." (An early Reuters story was filed first, right after the RPP interview.) The articles suggests that a similar ultimatum was issued to the UK's Channel 4 on Januray 7 and "received no response." Reuters has Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi declaring that the government "would respond 'drastically and swiftly.' " Among the major American dailies, only the late-to-press Los Angeles Times catches this late breaking story. (See these links in Spanish: a summary of the RPP interview; this contemporary report to the Channel 4 piece; and this March 27 El Comercio story.

AToledo's Falling Numbers: Bloomberg and Dow Jones reports on a new poll by Apoyo Opinion y Mercado which shows AToledo's approval rate "fell to 8 percent after a slight rise in February when Toledo changed his cabinet." Dow Jones adds that Alan Garcia leads the candidate for the 2006 elections, with 26% support. Dow Jones can't resist a dig by adding, "Following Garcia, whose first term ended in 1990 with hyperinflation and a general economic collapse, comes Valentin Paniagua, with 23%." Bloomberg reminds that the president said last month "his low approval rating is the outcome of his lack of experience as president." Apoyo polling director Alfredo Torres explained some details of the new survey in yesterday's El Comercio.

War of the Pacific, cont: The BBC Monitoring Service reports that Bolivian Ambassador to Peru, Eloy Avila Alberdi, says size of Bolivia's recent Pemex deal "makes Peru the favourite for gas exports."

Juche In Peru: The Korean Central News Agency reports on a "national seminar on the Juche idea" held at National University of Callao in Peru on April 7. The chairman of the Peruvian National Association for the Juche Idea, Wilfred Saens Vigo, "made a congratulatory speech, which was followed by speeches of Guillermo Alcazar Ribera, chairman of the Peruvian Group for the Study of Kimilsungism, Tani Baler Lopera, chairman of the Peruvian Committee for Supporting the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea." The expected praise was made to North Korean President Kim Il Sung who "maintained the Juche-oriented stand against dogmatism and flunkeyism in his lifetime and built the most powerful socialist system and that the 20th century was really the century of independence, the century of Kim Il Sung."

Peru is Less Web Savvy: Reuters reviews a survey on the Web-savviest nations in the world carried out by International Business Machines and The Economist ,which noted that Peru, #47, fell several places. However, "It is not a case of decline, but rather of stagnation or slow development compared with more aggressive e-leaders."

Buy Your Bamba, cont: The BBC plays catch-up with an article entitled, "Pirated Passion DVDs flood Peru." Even the quotes from Martin Moscoso, head of copyright protection at Indecopi seem taken from an earlier Associated Press report. See 'Buy Your Bamba Here' in April 13's Peruvia. (For good measure, the Miami Herald, among others, re-runs the AP story today.)

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