Friday, April 09, 2004

Trouble Reading Peruvia? Press 'F11' key near top of your key board twice.

Shaky Flight into Lima: Bloomberg and Dow Jones and newsites from Australia and Ireland report that "passengers on a flight from Madrid were in hospital in Peru today after being injured when their Iberia Airlines plane hit turbulence." The stories quote some passangers and make a note about "flying utensils." Bloomberg (citing the Agence France-Presse) puts the number of injured at 44 and noted there was "turbulence from a tropical storm." Dow Jones puts the number hospitalized at 20. Dow Jones also follows up reporting that "the U.S. Embassy notified American expatriates that U.S. personnel had been temporarily prohibited from flying Peru's largest airline, AeroContinente, 'because of reliability issues and operational concerns."

War of the Pacific, cont: The BBC Monitoring Service reports that President Ricardo Lagos Escobar of Chile has not ruled out the possibility of his country subjecting itself to international arbitration in its border dispute with Peru.

Strike Two, cont: BNAmericas reports that "FEMAPOR, the national maritime and port workers' federation representing striking stevedores that have brought Peru's Callao port to a standstill, will suspend their strike for Easter." The truce was arranged between Labor Minister Javier Neves Mujica and FEMAPOR General Secretary Sergio Valdivia. A BNAmericas editorial speaks to the cost of the strike.

Jesus in the Rimac: Reuters has several photos as does the Associated Press of Peruvian actor Mario Valencia, representing Jesus Christ, performs during the baptism ceremony in the Rimac river, something he has done for 19 years.

Who Is Killing the Fish? Reuters offers photos of dead fish washed up on near the Paracas nature reserve in Ica." The two suspects in the killing: fishmeal manufacturers and the new Camisea gas liquefying plant near Paracas.

Peace for Haiti: The Missionary Service News Agency reports that Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile "have expressed interest in providing troops for the multinational peacekeeping mission in Haiti," according to the Brazilian Defence Minister Jose Viegas.

Ballet Folklórico in NYC: The New York Times weekend section notes that the Ballet Folklórico del Peru' will be performing tonight at the City University of New York. (212) 817-8215.

- Reuters writes up Alianza Lima's 3-1 loss to Sao Paulo in the second round of the South American Libertadores Cup. Good photos are overwhelmed by the B-A-D.
- ic Birmingham says that Nolberto Solano may be ready for a match on Monday.

Coming From/Going to Peru: Maine's Times Record News reviews a trip to Peru that a group of Bowdoin University students just returned from: "Perhaps most surprising to the group was the ebullient nature of the children living in these areas. Although not rich by material measure, they possessed an unabashed spirit that was not at all dampened by the overwhelming poverty." Meanwhile, Britain's Lothian News reports on others preparing for "a two-week expedition to Peru with The Vine Trust which works with impoverished street children." The Vine Trust collaborates with "Scripture Union Peru with the development of street children’s work which cares for other 200 youngsters in Lima, the Amazon city of Iquitos and Kusi in the Andes."

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