Monday, April 26, 2004

Violence in Pucallpa: The Committee to Protect Journalists, the International Freedom of Expression Exchange, and Reporters without Borders all report on the murder of journalist Alberto Rivera Fernández on April 21 in Pucallpa. "He was gunned down as he was entering his home." Rivera, who is the second journalist to be killed in Peru in 2004, "was president of the Ucayali Journalists Federation and presented a program called 'Transparencia' on Radio Frecuencia Oriental." Rivera was elected as a diputado from Ucayali in 1990 on the Partido Popular Cristiano/FREDEMO list. In Spanish: This piece in 90 Segundos suggests he was an active member of Alberto Borea's Fuerza Democrática. In Spanish: "Journalist Killed" (El Comercio); "Pucallpa Mayor Denies Knowledge of Killing" (El Comercio); and "Ex-Congressman Assassinated" (El Peruano). See also: 'Violence in Yungay' in February 21's in Peruvia.

LHorna Champion!, cont: Bermuda's Royal Gazette headlines Luis Horna's victory as: "Mission accomplished! Horna too hot to handle." The article comes with an action photo of "the shaven-headed number one seed." Adding colour: "the temperamental and entertaining Horna was not to be denied his moment of glory and smashed, snarled, drove and fought his way to a 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 victory."

Navidec Investment: Navidec put out a press release to announce their merger with Lider Group and Bond Energy which, in turn, provides for the acquisition of Livermore Energy Corporation and BPZ Energy, Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries of Navidec. As a result, Navidec is the new owner "of 2,023,187 acres, and 5% ownership of 739,205 acres in the Lancones, Talara, and Tumbes basins of Northwest Peru and Ecuador. The properties are expected to initially produce 1,100 barrels of oil equivalent per day and have approximately 8,000,000 barrels of oil equivalent in proven and probable reserves."

On Leadership: Connecticut's Norwich Bulletin reports that the town of Norwich's Mayor, Arthur L. Lathrop, is touring the Amazon and met with Alfonso, "head man at the Ouititos [sic; Huitoto?] village near Pavis, Peru ... and found that they have had similar experiences being head man and chief elected official."

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