Tuesday, April 06, 2004

War of the Pacific, cont: The United Press International runs an article on the recent Air and Space fair in Santiago and includes Lockheed Martin's sale of 10 F-16 Falcon Warrior jets to Chile. The article states that "Chile's conservative and center-left governments of the past decade have drawn closer to the U.S. commercially and politically. The Chilean military also perceives a threat from Bolivia and Peru which have historical claims on Chilean territory. The Peruvian air force is equipped with advanced Russian Mig-29s possessing 'over the horizon' combat capabilities which the Chilean air force is anxious to acquire."

Homage To FStahl: ALC Noticias reports on a forum held in the National Congress "in homage of Fernando Stahl, considered the father of rural education in Peru." Stahl was a member of the Adventist Church who arrived in Puno with his wife and children in the 1920s. Among the Members of Congress present were Graciela Yanarico and Henry Pease. Others who participated were historian Jose Tamayo Herrera and Charles Teel of the Stahl Foundation.

De Soto's Prize, cont: India's Financial Express includes an opinion column on Hernado de Soto and his Friedman prize. The adulatory piece includes other awards the Peruvian economist has received including the 2004 Templeton Freedom Prize for Free Market Solutions to Poverty. The author, who has "tried to do the same kind of documentation for India," ends with an invitation for De Soto to India.

AToledo's Pay Cut: The Scotsman runs a wire story reporting that AToledo "has been ordered to pay 5% of his salary to support a teenage girl he reluctantly acknowledged is his daughter 18 months ago." Zarai Toledo had filed a claim "seeking 60% of Toledo's salary, alleging that payments have not always been made punctually."

Patria Roja in Korea: The Korean Central News Agency reports on an event in North Korea that included a "crafts and arts exhibition" which were held under the sponsorship of the Communist Party of Peru (Red Motherland) and the Peruvian Communist Party among others.

Strike One: Just-Drinks reports that Backus y Johnston "is continuing to meet local demand for its products despite a strike" which began on March 18. Workers are "demanding a 7% pay rise." ByJ says they are "meeting market demands, counting on its stocks and its distribution network, as well as its breweries outside Lima."

Strike Two: The World's Socialist Web Site reports that "Peruvian longshore workers carried out a surprise strike on April 1 at the port of El Callao." Workers demand "that they be given permanent employment status, which would make them eligible for social benefits."

Macro/Micro Econ:
- BNAmericas reports that "the Peruvian banking sector should perform well this year and record an average ROE of between 13% and 14%," according to Asbanc's general director, Enrique Arroyo.
- Dow Jones and Reuters report that ProInversion said yesterday "it will delay the planned date for the auction of the Las Bambas copper deposit by one week." A total of 14 companies have prequalified for the planned auction of the Las Bambas copper deposit.
- Sultan Minerals put out a press release which details their agreement "to acquire a 100% interest in the Coripampa 1 Silver Property consisting of four mineral concessions (600 hectares) located in zone 18 of Huaynacotas District, La Union" in Arequipa.

Curse of Modernity: The Catholic News Agency (fourth item) reports that Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani said during a local radio program that "the solution to the violence that is affecting the world and has turned it into a 'tiny cage of insecurity' lies in the acceptance of the moral and the natural order."

Trajedy in FL: Florida's Channel 10 in Fort Lauderdale updates the trial on the Peruvian national charged with killing his 9-month-old baby after "leaving the girl in a hot car last month at Gulfstream Park while he watched the horse races." Francisco is a Peruvian national so "there is a chance he could be deported." (See earlier story: "Father Watches Races While Baby Dies, Police Say.")

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