Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Coca Rising, cont.: The Associated Press, the BBC and Reuters note that at least 3,000 coca growers have marched on Lima to protest at government plans to eradicate their crop. On hand to welcome the marchers were "hundreds of police officers carrying gas masks, tear gas and rifles." The protestors also "demanded freedom for their leader, in prison on terrorism charges." The BBC quotes Elsa Malpartida Jara and the AP and Reuters quote Nancy Obregon Peralta both of the Confederación Nacional de Productores Agropecuarios de las Cuencas Cocaleras del Perú (CONPACCP). (Neither news agency mentions the name of the group.) Added BBC Detail: "Many of the protesters collapsed on the ground under a baking sun after their 11-day journey by foot and by bus, which began hundreds of miles away in the Amazon region." [NOTE: Does this mean that the Lima sun in May was harsher than in Tingo Maria?] See also 'Coca Rises' in February 12's Peruvia.

Coca Rising, Photographs: The Associated Press offers photographs of the march. Reuters provides several photographs centering around the political movement Etnocacerista and its leader, Ollanta Humala. They joined "with thousands of coca farmers to protest against U.S. backed crop eradication and called for a larger legal market for coca production."

Peru & Cuba Clash, cont.: The Peru/Cuba squabble gets into the print editions of several newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, the Financial Times, the Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and the Washington Post. NOTE: Most of these include Peru inside a broader focus on Mexico's diplomatic move. In addition, the spat is also included in Korea's Chosun, Pravda, United Press International, and the Vietnam News Agency. The Associated Press offers a photograph of the Cuban embassy in Lima as well as a newspaper stand. (For more background, see 'Peru & Cuba Clash' in yesterday's Peruvia.)

On Booting Out a President: Dow Jones reports that Congress' Constitutional Affairs Committee "passed a motion that would make it more difficult to remove a sitting president from office." Details: "The vote in the committee was nine in favor of changing the law, with seven against. The resolution will now move to the full Congress." While AToledo backed the resolution, APRA Congressman Jorge del Castillo said the new regulations demand that two-thirds of Congress to remove a president may end up supporting AFujimori, who was "removed with only 62 votes in Congress, [and] could now have an opportunity to claim he was discriminated against."

More Mining:
- DYNACOR put out a press release to announce "the discovery of two new gold structures located in the western sector of the Acari property. ... These two gold structures oriented NW-SE, appear to be the continuation of the "Inka Cola" and "Coca Cola" veins on the "Agripinas" property.
- Aboslut Resources put out a press release to announce their letter of intent with AngloGold Exploracion Peru "to acquire the rights to all Anglogold's exploration projects and a geochemical database within a 200km by 40km belt of Northern Peru."

De Soto Prized, cont: The Asia Times runs an opinion piece by Peter Schaefer (of the 'Institute for Liberal Democracy') who provides a nice hagiography of Hernando de Soto. (See also 'De Soto Prized, cont.' in April 7's Peruvia.)

Team Peru in NYC? The New York Times briefly notes that "a promoter is trying to schedule a match between Argentina and Peru at Shea Stadium on June 30, which is nine days before they begin play in Copa América in Peru."

Pepe Barreto Gets A Star: The Associated Press reports that Pepe Barreto, the radio and television personality, "was honored Monday with [the 2,254th] star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." His career began at "16 as a disk jockey for a radio station in Lima." The AP also puts out two photographs of Pepe.

PGibson/JCollins: The Scotsman reviews Joan Collins' arrival in Scotland while her husband, Percy Gibson, "gently took her aside to point out that her wide smile displayed teeth smudged with fuscia pink lipstick." Gibson is stage-managing the play Collins in which she is performing. Colegio Roosevelt-alum Gibson is Peruvian-Scottish and says of his wife: "She’s a great, great wife, a fantastic wife and a lovely woman." The article also notes that his mother, Bridget Monaghan, seems well.

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