Tuesday, May 11, 2004

El Comercio to Ferrero: Be Astute: Dow Jones reports on the front-page editorial in today's El Comercio which stated that "Prime Minister Carlos Ferrero has to take greater control of the government in order to avoid an early end to the term of President Alejandro Toledo. ... Carlos Ferrero hasn't been able to transmit that he has confronted problems nor has he assumed the political direction that the nation needs." The article blames the APRA party for the removal of FRospigliosi from his post as Interior Minister. In Spanish: Read the El Comercio editorial.

New Interior Minister: Dow Jones reported on Javier Reategui as the new Interior Minister. The piece is the only one to report on Toledo's first choice, journalist Gustavo Gorriti, who "turned down the offer to join cabinet."

Mayor Lynched, cont: The Miami Herald reports that "riot police guarded bridges and highways near Lake Titicaca Monday as a three-day protest began to demand the release of six people arrested for last month's killing of a provincial mayor." Quoted: Miguel Maquera, a Roman Catholic priest who seems to be an intermediary with the protest leaders.

More Mayors Brawl: CBS News includes (near the bottom) a piece on a fistfight between the ousted mayor of El Santa in Chimbote, Estuardo Diaz Delgado and his replacement Leandro Perez Rodriguez. "The suspended mayor pulled up a chair alongside Perez, sat down and tried to push him out of his seat. Soon, supporters of the two men joined in the melee and municipal police arrived and helped force Diaz out of office." The news site offers a video link of the brawl.

Camisea On Hold? Reuters reported recently that "a land dispute and a delay in agreeing royalty payments is holding up Peru's plans to export gas to Mexico, so sales will begin in 2008 or 2009, not in 2007 as originally slated," according to Carlos del Solar (LNG Co. export consortium). "Peru is eager to begin exporting gas from the controversial Camisea gas field in the southern jungle as soon as possible. Sales are estimated to be worth up to $700 million a year and will turn the Andean nation into a net energy exporter." The consortium is made up of USA's Hunt Oil and South Korea's SK Corp. The challenge is that the place a liquefaction plant is to be made is on contested land: both Lima and Ica believe they own it.

More Mining:
- Goldamarca Unlimited put out a press release to announce an update on their the acquisition of a majority interest in Atomaer.
- Andresmin Gold Corporation (formerly Anton) released a press release to announce their purchase of Grupo Minero for US$230,000.

War of the Pacific, cont: Xinhua Net files a story that states, "Chile has denied that it faces a regional isolation in South America due to the recent tensions with Bolivia, Peru and Argentina." The article uses the Chilean argument suggesting, "it is even impossible to brand as bad the relations with Peru, whose government requested the revision of the joint maritime borders."

Iodine and Nutrition: Medical News Today reports on the Pan American Health Organization's regional meeting on nutrition and iodine in the Americas held in Lima on May5 and 6 in which is was announced that "a significant percentage of people in the Americas suffer from nutritional disorders linked to iodine deficiency," and that PAHO "is seeking to eliminate this problem by 2005 through universal consumption of adequately iodized salt." ALSO: "The content of iodine in soil, water, and food of mountainous regions such as the Andes and drained areas such as the Amazon is very low or absent due to geochemical factors, meaning populations in those areas are at permanent risk."

San Martin de Porres in Jazz: The New York Times reviews "Black Christ of the Andes" by jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams, "a little-known album recorded for Folkways in 1962 and 1963, came after her return to New York and her internal synthesis of religion and the history of jazz. The album is personal, and some of it slightly awkward. But its scheduled reissue as a CD on May 25 by Smithsonian Folkways shows yet again how capacious jazz can be. Though the title track is about the Peruvian saint Martin de Porres, canonized in 1962, "the album's original title, only slightly less audacious, was "Music for Disturbed Souls." See also: this album review from the Hartford Courant and this piece in Jazz Times.

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