Monday, June 21, 2004

FZevallos Sues El Comercio: The Miami Herald (registration: peruvia@peruvia.com/peruvia) reports that Fernando Zevallos, Aero Continente's founder, is suing El Comercio for $205 million, "saying its reports on him have damaged his 'honor and good reputation'.'' The Bush Administration listed Zevallos as a "drug kingpin" on June 1. This is "believed to be the largest amount ever sought in a libel case in Peru," and according to Caretas publisher Enrique Zileri, "the danger that El Comercio faces is that 'libel law is very erratic in its application'.'' The Inter American Press Association calls this suit, "a clear act of intimidation." CITED: Zevallos' media assistant, Germán Arata; an anonymous "U.S. official;" El Comercio reporters Fernando Ampuero and Miguel Ramirez and attorney José Ugaz. NOTE: "Ecuador announced this week that its antidrug police are investigating Zevallos." SEE ALSO: 'Sally Bowen Accused' in May 24's Peruvia.

One Big Strike: Reuters reports on the CGTP's (Confederación General de Trabajadores del Perú) planned strike on July 14 and profiles "Peru's top union boss," Mario Huaman Rivera. This would be the "first nationwide action since 1999." ALSO: "The CGTP's 13-point platform is bound to alarm investors." On the date conflict with the Copa America: "Huaman said the date was non-negotiable." Reuters also offers a photograph of "workers stand[ing] next to a mural on the walls of Peru's top union hall." SEE ALSO: 'Worries about Copa America' in June 16's Peruvia.

APOYO & DATUM Numbers: Several sources emphasize different parts of the new poll from Apoyo as well as the recent numbers from DATUM. Dow Jones begins with the Apoyo Opinion y Mercado poll (June 17 and 18 in the Lima area and released by El Comercio) which shows "Toledo's popularity rising to 7% in June from only 6% the month before." ALSO: 93% of Peruvians said the CGTP strike "would be acceptable, as long as it was peaceful." Bloomberg says Apoyo shows about 75% "expect the country to benefit from free trade talks" and about 33% "said higher taxes under a royalty plan passed by congress will scare off investment in mining." NOTE: While Bloomberg says that "the newspaper didn't disclose the margin of error," Dow Jones says it is 4%. Dow Jones also reports on the DATUM poll (June 11 to 14 on a national level) and characteristically keeps the heat on AGarcia: "29% saying they would never vote for" Garcia. The Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy explores DATUM's numbers further and headlines: 'García Overtakes Fujimori In Peru.' The APRA leader receives 23% support in this poll, "up by 5% since April." Alberto Fujimori - 21%, Valentín Paniagua - 19%, Lourdes Flores Nano - 10%. MercoPress says DATUM "shows 11% supporting a military coup and 8% a popular uprising. ... Peruvians are more concerned with unemployment 45%; the economic situation 23% and corruption 19%." IN SPANISH: See the Apoyo poll referenced in these five articles in today's El Comercio: One, Two, Three, Four, Five. SEE ALSO: 'DATUM - Toledo at 7%' in yesterday's Peruvia.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease, cont.: MercoPress reports that "Uruguay banned the import of wool from Peru, where last week [there was] an outbreak of foot and mouth." NOTE: "Uruguayan Customs and Migration authorities have also undertaken strict control measures in ports and airports for passengers arriving from the South American Pacific. However no decisions were taken regarding" the outbreak Brazil. SEE ALSO: 'Foot-and-Mouth Disease' in yesterday's Peruvia.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Just Style reports that "textile exports from Peru jumped 32.4% year-on-year to US$424 million for the five months to end-May," according to ComexPeru."
- Oil Online reports that "the Camisea consortium, which includes PlusPetrol of Argentina and Hunt Oil of Dallas, expects to enter into an agreement with Peru's state oil agency Perupetro this summer for development of Block 56." NOTE: "The block is believed to contain about 3 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves."
- Florida's Sun-Sentinel placed Lan Peru's press release about their expanded routes "to serve seven cities within Peru and 11 international destinations." See Also: 'Lan Peru on the Rise' in June 14's Peruvia.

More Mining:
- Bloomberg (last item) reports that Prime Minister Carlos Ferrero said "the government will accept the 1 to 3% royalty levy on mining production voted by Congress two weeks ago. Peru's second-biggest zinc miner would be one of the main payers of the levy." See Also: 'Mining Law to Be Signed' in yesterday's Peruvia.
- Dynacor Mines announced in a press release "the discovery of another new gold structure, Veta Calvario on the far west of the Acari property, in Peru. The new structure is located near the 'Inka Cola' and 'Coca Cola' veins."

HdSoto and the King: Thailand's The Nation reports from Lima on Hernando de Soto's interview with King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the king's "expressed concerns that modernisation could hurt the country's environment and its traditional values." The story was pegged to a visit by Thai Trade Representative Kantathi Suphamongkhon to the Instituto de Libertad y Democracia. (He "was in Lima negotiating a free trade agreement with Peru.) Lowballing the Numbers: De Soto "said he has decided not to enter politics even though recent surveys show that his popularity rate is much higher than" Toledo's. SEE ALSO: 'Trading with Thailand' in June 16's Peruvia.

Posh on Posh: The Daily Mirror offers a diary 'written' by Victoria 'Posh' Beckham during her two-days in Las Lomas de Carabayllo, on the outskirts of Lima, for Sport Relief: "She's one of the most famous and wealthy women in Britain but when [she] spent two days with a Peruvian child who earns a pittance by selling rubbish, it changed her outlook for ever. Special Quotes: "Despite the poverty here, I do get a sense that people are having a go and are happy. ... Over the next two days it's my job to tell the story of an 11-year-old girl named Dinah. ... Her mum died three years ago of cancer. Am told it's common here." FOR ALL THE TABLOID COVERAGE: See 'Posh In Peru' in June 13's Peruvia.

Less Coca, cont.: The USA State Department's Washington File hails the United Nations report on the reduction of coca production in the Andes. Said John Walters, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy: "once again, we are seeing that when democracy, stability, and security flourish in drug-producing nations, progress can be made against the narco-terrorists who threaten our way of life." For the Report and More, See: 'Less Coca' in June 18's Peruvia.

Maximo Presidente! Nebraska's McCook Daily Gazette offers a travel piece on Machu Picchu by their columnist Walt Sehnert. He has written at least twice before on Peru including once on former Vice-President Maximo San Ramon's businesses ("Mr. Caceres is an Inca by birth.") and another time on a dinner party. The piece on San Roman has significant errors: "[I]n 1990, President Alan Garcia left office under duress. So for a period of three months, until Mr. Fujimori, the incoming leader, took office, Maximo San Roman Caceres served as President of Peru. ... It seemed strange to realize that this man, in his working clothes, speaking so informally to us, was a former President of Peru." The piece on the dinner party also has some unusual lines: "A seven-hour dinner party? I'd never heard of such a thing. But we were to find that such a party was not unusual in Peru. Poverty is widespread in Peru."

- Sporting Life notes that Dutch team PSV Eindhoven "is to hold talks" with Jefferson Farfan on Tuesday. Claim: The club has "lined up a four-year deal for the 19-year-old."
- The Thoroughbred Times reports that "Peruvian classic winner Big Luck survived a claim of foul to earn a victory in the Clasico Jockey Club del Peru," at the Hipodromo Monterrico in Lima."
- Utah's Deseret News profiles Chessmaster Ramiro Zapana, a 12-year old from Arequipa.

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