Tuesday, June 22, 2004

UPDATED: Includes EKarp in Chile' and 'Ronaldo in Peru.'

MHerald – Toledo Should Stay: The Miami Herald (registration: peruvia@peruvia.com; peruvia) pegs an editorial to the recent polls on Toledo's popularity and emphasizes that "it is vitally important for Peru that Mr. Toledo finish his constitutional term, even though many Peruvians may wish otherwise." In the editorial, "the business and financial communities" and their "economic progress" trumps "the public's respect." It even manages to praise Toledo for his handling of the Ilave protests. NOTE: It concludes by labelling as "political disasters" the administrations of Francisco Morales Bermudez ( military government), Alan Garcia Perez (inept populism), Fernando Belaunde Terry (radical insurgency), and Alberto Fujimori Fujimori (authoritarian rule). Their passive headline: "Peru stays the course with unpopular leader."

APOYO Numbers, cont.: The Center for Public Opinion and Democracy trickles out more of yesterday's APOYO poll, touting Toledo's 1% popularity increase with this headline: 'Toledo Up, But Still Low In Peru.' NOTE: CPOD also defines the scope of the poll: "Interviews to 583 Peruvian adults in Lima."

Peruvians Abusing Peruvians: The Associated Press, the New York Daily News, New York Newsday and the New York Post report on 69 Peruvians "illegally smuggled into Long Island and kept 'in virtual servitude' while they worked to repay the smugglers," according to Martin Ficke, a US immigration agent. Newsday makes it a front-page story and their investigative coverage is the best. They offer a 12-picture slide show as well as a a companion piece on the recent surges in illegal immigration. NOTE: "A breach of security, apparently centered at the U.S. embassy in Lima, enabled the Peruvians to enter the United States on tourist visas without any background check." THE WORST: "The three alleged smugglers arraigned in U.S. District Court in Central Islip, Jose Ibañez, his wife Mariluz Zavala, their daughter Evelyn Ibañez were "identified as Peruvian nationals in the United States on legitimate resident visas." QUOTED: Rev. Allan B. Ramirez and Roslynn Mauskopf (the US attorney for the Eastern District of New York).

La U For Sale? Reuters reports that Jorge Vergara, a Mexican businessman, will “try to buy” Universitario de Deportes, for $25 million, according to Carlos Mariategui, his spokesman. BUT: The club's president, Alfredo Gonzales said "La U was not for sale. From a financial point of view, it's madness. And from a sentimental point of view too." NOTE: Vergara "made his fortune selling weight-loss and nutritional products, [and] dreams of owning a soccer club in every country where his Omnilife empire operates."

PPK – Not Hanging Up on Telefonica: Reuters reports that Minister of Economy and Finance Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said "the decision not to renew Telefonica del Peru's contract beyond 2019 was not meant as a warning to foreign investors." NOTE: The contract was not renewed "on the grounds it had not met some of the terms of the contract, an allegation the company denies." ALSO: "'There is no warning here against any Spanish, Chilean, Colombian, U.S. or British firm,' Kuczynski said, listing the five top foreign investors in Peru." He also noted that Telefonica originally had "not only had 100% of the fixed-line telephone market in Peru but also had 75% of the mobile phone market."

EKarp in Chile: Reuters reports (through photographs) on first lady Eliane Karp's arrival in Valparaiso for a meeting with a human rights Chilean congressional commission.

Ronaldo in Peru: Reuters reports on Brazilian beer company AmBev's promotional stunt of having Ronaldo visit Peru. Reuters has several photographs of him in in Villa Maria del Triunfo including one with Mayor Luis Castaneda. The Real Madrid star also paid a visit to the Alianza Lima soccer club. Ronaldo also put on the red-and-white national colours and paid homage to Santa Rosa de Lima. SEE ALSO: 'Brazilian Beer Still Peru-bound' in May 14's Peruvia.

Ronderos Freed/Baptists Welcomed: ALC Noticias includes two stories in their latest report (see last items). The first story is on the release of eleven ronderos after being detained in Pueblo Libre, along the Mayo river in San Martin, "after a Supreme Court decision determined that they should not be in jail. They had served four months." ALSO: The Evangelical Peace and Hope Association helped in their defense, with the collaboration of the Ombudsman, the Legal Defense Institute and the Federation of Peasant Patrols in San Martin. The second story is on the Peruvian Congress' approval "by acclamation, a motion to send greetings to the Evangelical Baptist Convention in the country and the International Crusades missionary organization." The motion was co-sponsored by Congressman Walter Alejos Calderón (Ayacucho), a Protestant. NOTE: International Crusades, a missionary organization led by the Rev. Francisco Nunez is carrying out an Evangelical campaign this week in Lima and the port of Callao.

UNICEF @ Copa America: UNICEF announced in a press release that they and the South American Soccer Federation (CONMEBOL) "have agreed to dedicate the Copa América 2004 to the children of the host Peru," using the theme ¡Con los niños sí se gana!. ALSO: "Arrangements have been made with the President of Peru to ensure that 12,000 children can attend the games." NOTE: "The passion for soccer begins with children, when they first begin kicking in the womb." ALSO: "Pepsi, LG Electronics, Master Card and PETROBRAS have organized activities to convey the message of ¡Con los niños sí se gana! to the thousands of fans who see and hear their advertising." CITED: Andrés Franco, UNICEF Representative in Peru.

More Mining:
- Reuters reports that gold production at Compania de Minas Buenaventura "should rise 16% to 350,000 ounces in 2004 as improved technology boosts the amount of gold extracted from ore," according to Chief Financial Officer Carlos Galvez. NOTE: "The increase will put Buenaventura's total gold production at 1.65 million ounces this year."
- BNAmericas catches up with the Toledo government's view of the mining levy and reports that "Peru's government plans to pass into law this week the mining royalty approved by the country's congress and subsequently make modifications," according to prime minister Carlos Ferrero on June 18.
- The Independent's Investment Column offers this: "One fund manager in particular has struck gold - well, copper, to be precise - with his recommendation of Monterrico, a mining business operating in deepest, darkest Peru." But the devil is in the details.

Maria Jesus Honoured: Hollywood's Variety (see a free version of the article) reports on the movie "'Maria Jesus,' a true story about a Peruvian immigrant’s clandestine trip to Italy," which "took home the top Danzante de Oro award at the international short film competition at the 32nd Festival Cine de Huesca. The Festival's press release says that the film "deserv[ed] the 9000 euros with which the prize is endowed that also opens the doors to the nomination to Oscar."

MPicchu Endangered? Agence France Press reports that "the government announced the creation of a commission that will establish guidelines to preserve" Machu Picchu in a bid to save it from being called "an endangered site" by UNESCO. NOTE: "A designation in UNESCO's List of World Heritage in Danger would hurt Peru's ''morale,'' said an official statement announcing the panel's formation." The Miami Herald (last item; registration: peruvia@peruvia.com/peruvia) includes the AFP story.

Morning-After Pill Makes Waves, cont.: Human Life International denounced in a press release Minister of Health Pilar Mazzetti Soler's "effort to distribute the 'morning-after' pill in government clinics despite a constitutional law barring such action." Said Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, the president of the organization, "The minister's arrogant flouting of the law, which protects 'conceived life' in the womb, should be investigated as criminal." The title of the press release is: 'Chemical Warfare.' SEE ALSO: 'Morning-After Pill Makes Waves'in June 16's Peruvia.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease, cont.: US AgNet reports on the "new outbreaks of foot and mouth disease" in Peru and Brazil. It quotes Dr. Oscar Dominguez Falcon, director-general for animal health at the National Animal Health Service (SENASA)in Lima, saying that laboratory diagnosis on June 11 and 14 confirmed an outbreak on three farms in the Lurýn district of Lima in Peru. The outbreak occurred in fattening cattle and eight were destroyed and another 80 slaughtered." The World Organization for Animal Health also put out a press release with further details.

Bank Project Approved: The World Bank released the 'Sierra Rural Development Project' report which offers a loan of US$25 million (for a project budget of US$35 million) which will: "improve the opportunities of rural peasants to meet their economic development goals through: (i) the promotion of ‘strategic alliances’ and local economic development to link farmers to markets, (ii) organization, capacity building and empowerment of rural peasants’, and supporting productive investments, (iii) the strengthening of the regional and local institutional setting to improve the delivery of private/public productive related services to the poor."

- Wimbledon has set the order of matches with Luis Horna scheduled to play at noon today against Croatia's Mario Ancic in the Gentleman's Singles on Court Six. Ancic is unseeded.
- USA Badminton reports that the 2004 Pan American Junior Badminton Academy by the Pan American Badminton Confederation "will take place on July 26-30, 2004 in Lima, Peru after the 2004 Pan American Junior Badminton Championships." ALSO: The Confederation also announced today an 'International Referees’ Training Course' in Lima.

- Orchid Thief, cont.: The Miami Herald (second item) updates the case of Peruvian orchid grower Manuel G. Arias Silva and George Norris of Texas and their orchid smuggling operation. Norris as pled guilty to sumggling "tropical lady slippers" by disguising them as garden-variety plants.
- More Coke in a Bottle: The Korean Herald runs the New York Times article on K Drink. For the original article, see 'Coke in a Bottle' in June 10's Peruvia.
- ‘If You’re A Peruvian’: The Telegraph has an opinion piece by Mark Steyn on the United Kingdom and the European Community. As an example, he offers this: "When it comes to national identity, one is entitled to a measure of ignorance. If you're a Peruvian and you're happy being a Peruvian, you're unlikely to be impressed by the Guardian arguing that that's just because you haven't read all the sub-clauses of the Bolivian constitution. Identity is primal, not a matter of footnotes."
- New Jersey's Weekhawken Reporter notes that Jorge Janampa, "a native of Peru," was the Salutatorian at Weehawken High School.
- The Los Angeles Times reports on the Chabad-Lubavitch worldwide movement including a Passover seder last spring in Cuzco for 800 guests.
- The Salisbury Post reviews "A Walk on the Beach," by Joan Anderson, a "memoir/self-help book" which includes a section about Anderson's hike along the Inca Trail in Peru.

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