Saturday, June 26, 2004

Vladi Acquitted: The BBC is the first to report that Vladimiro Montesinos has been acquitted by a Peruvian court of some "corruption and conspiracy charges." He was accused of "having secured a favourable judgement for a relative of the mayor of Callao, who faced drugs trafficking charges." NOTE: He is already serving a nine-year sentence. According to EFE, the Spanish news agency, "the court also acquitted Alex Kouri, the mayor of the district of Callao.

Peru LNG Gets Approval: Dow Jones reports that the Peru LNG environmental impact study was approved "to build a plant to produce liquefied natural gas for export, but is still facing a land dispute," according to Carlos del Solar (Hunt Oil Co. of Peru). Peru LNG is the consortium made up of Hunt Oil and SK Corp. NOTE: "The entire project has a $2.1 billion price tag that includes exploiting the gas from Block 56 in the southeastern Amazon, expanding existing pipeline capacity and building the plant." Still simmering is the dispute between Chincha and Canete, each of which "insist that the land, valued at $430,000, belongs to them."

Keiko: Wedding and/or Jail?, cont.: The Miami Herald slips this sentence into their Americas column: "A prosecutor on Friday said former president Alberto Fujimori's eldest daughter, Keiko Fujimori, deserves five years behind bars for $318,000 worth of donated clothing she took without authorization." The Associated Press offers archived photographs of Keiko and Pulga and Keiko and her father.

Peru-China Trade Evolution: Reuters reports that "Peru has rapidly lost markets and business opportunities since it slapped extra tariffs on cheap Chinese clothing imports last year and should scrap them next month to avoid lasting damage," according to Carlos Canales (National Chamber of Tourism). The temporary tarriffs end on July 11 and Canales was joined with several business leaders calling for them not to be renewed. José Chlimper Ackermanan (Foreign Trade Society) said "Lima and Beijing had been discussing Peruvian grape exports for more than two years, but news of the extra tariffs put a deal on hold." The story also reviews the strategy to appeal to Asian tourists. According to Canales, "after Malaysia was put on the list in 2000, tourist numbers increased fourfold in two years." NOTE: Tourism is Peru's No. 2 foreign currency earner. The story runs on a Chinese news site.

Mining Levy Pressures, cont.: Dow Jones reports that Toledo's government "won't delay bidding for the Las Bambas copper deposit, despite the fact that at least five companies have dropped out of the race," according to Luis Zegarra (ProInversion). The auction is set for July 23. SEE ALSO: 'Mining Levy Pressures in yesterday's Peruvia below.

Peruvians In Haiti: The United Nations reports that "the United Nations today took over responsibility for the peacekeeping operation in Haiti from the United States-led multinational force at a ceremony in the capital, Port-au-Prince." Peru is among a half-dozen countries to provide additional troops for the Multinational Interim Force to be deployed by the end of July.

Mantas for USA Presbyterians: Virginia's Times-Dispatch reports on the Presbyterian Chuch (USA)'s denominational assembly where each of the over 3,500 participants was given a manta, "brightly colored tote bags ... made by 15 women in Lima, from blankets that Peruvian women use for carrying babies on their backs." SEE ALSO: The Presbyterian Church's press release states that "Banners, pulpit drapes, exhibit-booth tablecloths, staff members' vests and tote bags were all made" from mantas. "About one ton of tote bags were shipped from Lima to Richmond this spring." They were made by Grupo Mano, "a cooperative of five seamstresses in Lima who make manta products for sale in the United States." The Church also offers two pages of photographs of the mantas being made.

Farfán Joins PSV: The Associated Press, Sporting Life, and the UEFA football magazine reports that the Netherlands' PSV Eindhoven "has signed [a four-year contract with] playmaker Jefferson Farfán from Peruvian side Alianza Lima." The AP says that "Farfan will move to the Netherlands after the Copa America final in Lima on July 25. Peruvian media put the buyout fee at US$1.8 - 2 million." IN DUTCH: PSV Eindhoven's press release includes an interview with one Jefferson Agustín Farfan Guadalupe who "is afkomstig van de club Alianza Lima."

Peru vs. Argentina on June 30: Reuters offers several photographs in anticipation of the friendly match with Argentina on June 30 in New York including shots of Flavio Maestri and Nolberto Solano, Maestri and Martin Hidalgo, Coach Paulo Autori, and the Coach with his players.

Zinc For Peruvian Mothers: Reuters reviews a study from a recent issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which suggests that "pregnant women need to have adequate zinc levels to ensure optimal bone growth in their developing baby. For women from countries where zinc deficiency is common, taking zinc supplements can rectify this problem. " Laura E. Caulfield, of the Johns Hopkins University NOTE: "The study involved 242 pregnant women from Peru, a country where zinc deficiency is common." SEE ALSO: The article abstract from the Journal as well other studies on the same topic with Peruvian populations in March 1999, June 1999, and April 2000.

Less Coca, cont.: The VOA catches up with the United Nations' annual World Drug Report which shows "a decline in the cultivation of coca and opium poppy from the world's two major drug-producing regions." SEE ALSO: 'Less Coca' in June 21's Peruvia.

LA Restaurant Review: The Los Angeles Times (registration: peruvia/peruvia) runs a restaurant review for the Inka Grill chain owned by Ana Montoya-Ives from Chimbote who "began her career as a restaurateur by scrubbing oil vats at a Kentucky Fried Chicken as a single mom and recent immigrant." ALSO: "While the exotic tastes of Peru haven't achieved ubiquity in Orange County, they're being discovered. The county has nearly a dozen Peruvian restaurants (not including Inka Grill's locations)."

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