Monday, July 12, 2004

AContinente Still Flying? UPDATE: Reuters files a later story.
The Associated Press, Dow Jones, and Reuters late today reported that Peru "abruptly halted [Aero Continente's] operations saying it wanted to protect passengers because the airline had not submitted its new insurance policy." Gonzalo Iwasaki, an airline spokesman, said "the company had presented the documents and was surprised by the decision." NOTE: Some flights have already been cancelled. ALSO: "The Transport and Communications Ministry at midday decreed the suspension of commercial air activities of Aero Continente given that the company has not presented documentation, required by civil aviation legislation, regarding its insurance policy," it said in a statement. NOTE: Reuters fails to cite earlier relevant stories from over the weekend (in the Associated Press and, in Spanish, a Reuters) about the airline getting a reprieve through a government-sponsored insurance policy. SEE ALSO: The Ministry of Transportation and Communications official decree; and 'AContinente Still Flying' in July 10's Peruvia.

Andean Summit: The Agence France Press reports on the Comunidad Andina's 15th Andean Presidential Council "which called for further trade talks with the European Union." Reuters offers photos of President Toledo among other Andean leaders at the meeting. The Associated Press has a photo of Minster of Foreign Relations Manuel Rodriguez; Reuters shows Toledo and Rodriguez together.

P-PK on the Debt: Reuters reports that Minister of Energy and Mines Pedro Pablo Kuczynski "ruled out any new debt issue this year in an interview published on Sunday, days after saying his country would seek $1 billion in fresh debt to prepay Paris Club obligations and ease a looming repayment crunch." The interview was with El Comerio. ALSO: Said Kuczynski, "The Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank loans are agreed at floating rates and these are rising now. We will try to fix part of that through swaps. That could mean getting a higher rate, but we'll avoid a larger increase caused by the fluctuation of international markets." SEE ALSO: 'P-PK on the Economy' in July 8's Peruvia. SEPRATELY: Reuters offers an article on emerging bond markets and reports that "Peru and Brazil are expected by analysts to report positive economic numbers this week." ALSO: Peru's May gross domestic product figures are due to be released this week." Lawrence Krohn (IDEAglobal) says: Peru has "had 35 consecutive months of growth. They have a lot of political problems but Peru's growth has been one of the best in the region."


NOTE: Official Schedule; Lead Scorers (Reuters)

Wrap Up: The Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald and Washington Post offers summaries of yesteday's games.

Peru v. Colombia: Associated Press and SBS offer previews of the Peru v. Colombia match. And the Teesside Journal has Jeferson Farfan's perspective on the game.

CPizarro Update: Reuters reports that Claudio Pizarro will "be assessed by a neurosurgeon sent by his German club Bayern Munich after the Peru captain suffered a head fracture during a Copa America match," according to Pizarro's father, also named Claudio. NOTE: "He has been told to rest for a month." ALSO: "From what the doctor says...he may have to have an operation, not a big one, but surgery to put this dent in his skull back in the right place."

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