Friday, July 09, 2004

CGTP Union Leader Threatened:The International of Free Trade Unions announced in a press release that they have written to President Toledo of Peru, "strongly condemning the attempted assassination of Mario Huamán Rivera, President of the General Workers’ Confederation of Peru (CGTP) and General Secretary of the Construction Workers’ Federation of Peru (FTCCP), and his family. ... In its latest letter the ICFTU has reiterated its firm support for Peruvian trade unions, and called for a thorough investigation into the attempted assassination of Mario Huamán Rivera to bring those responsible to justice." IN SPANISH: See the letter the IFTU sent to the President. SEE ALSO: 'CGTP Union Leader Threatened' in yesterday's Peruvia.

FZevallos Not Flying: The Associated Press reports that "prosecutors requested a 15-year sentence Thursday for [Fernando Zevallos] who's being tried on drug trafficking and money laundering charges." NOTE: "A key witness against Zevallos is convicted drug boss Jorge Lopez Paredes, who claims he used his planes to ship cocaine."

Peru Posible Under Investigation: Dow Jones reports that "any investigation into whether President Alejandro Toledo's political party was illegally registered with election authorities could take up to two years," according to Manuel Sanchez Palacios, head of the Jurado Nacional de Elecciones. NOTE: "The allegations of false signatures have been made by an opposition member of Parliament and have received ongoing coverage in many media outlets in Peru." ERROR: Dow Jones suggests Toledo is "a former business school professor." Toledo's Ph.D. and career was in education and not economics or business.

MBonnemaison Dies: The Washington Post publishes the obituary of Dr. Manuel F.E. Bonnemaison an orthopedic surgeon, trauma specialist and professor. NOTE: "His father and grandfather, both also named Manuel Bonnemaison, were diplomats who had served as ambassadors to several countries. His grandfather was also a naval hero, known for his exploits in war between Peru and Chile." ALSO: "Dr. Bonnemaison and his wife, Maria del Carmen Bonnemaison, the daughter of a Peruvian ambassador, met in London, courted in Lima and were married in Rome in 1959." IN SPANISH: A note of this death appeared in El Comercio.

Future Doctors Honoured: The Fogarty International Center of the USA National Institutes of Health announced in a press release the first recipients of the Fogarty-Ellison Fellowship in Global Health and Clinical Research which included two Peruvian graduate students in the health professions who will "participate in one year of mentored clinical research at an NIH-funded research center in a developing country." The fellows include: Phabiola Herrera and Magaly Blas, both students at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Herrera is a student of Alberto Ramírez-Ramos who studies emerging infections in Peru. Blas studies under Elmer Alejandro Llanos Cuentas who works on the reduction HIV transmission.

Camisea Promised: The Associated Press reports that "Peru has presented the makings of a plan to sell Mexico natural gas," in a meeting with Minister of Energy and Mines Jaime Quijandria in Mexico City where he "presented a preliminary proposal to sell Mexico part of the 8.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas detected in his country's Camisea region." NOTE: "Quijandria said a lasting agreement is dependent on Peru building the infrastructure to first reliably transport the gas from Cuzco province to the capital of Lima and then on to the Pacific Coast for exportation to Mexico."

Montoya To Walk The USA: Connecticut newspapers profile Peruvian Julio Alejandro Montoya Morales who is "walking from Boston to Miami, despite having an artificial leg, because he wants to inspire people with physical challenges and anybody else who has a problem." The Stamford Advocate offers a news piece and a photograph while the New Haven Register (registration: peruvia/peruvia) offers a column which suggests he lost his leg while in the Army after stepping "on an explosive device planted by terrorists." NOTE: "Within the past year he had walked through Ecuador, Peru and Chile, a distance of about 2,800 miles. It took him 5½ months." Monoya's web site accepts donations.

Tragedy in Ica: The Associated Press, Bloomberg, Reuters and Xinhua all report on a bus accident on the Panamericana near Palpa, Ica which claimed 37 lives "when two Peruvian buses crashed head-on in thick fog." Said one anonymous police officer, "It was a head-on crash. We believe one of the buses left its lane to pass a truck." Xinhua says it was closer to Nasca. Skynews offers a photograph of the scene.

Tragedy in Miami: The Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel report on a tragic story of Janeen Lopez who "died in a wrong-way collision on Florida's Turnpike [as] she was on her way to pick up her parents returning from a family visit in Peru."

Ayahuasca in French Film: The Indepdendent reviews the French, Western film 'Blueberry' (based on 'The Blueberry Saga') by director Jan Kounen and starring Vincent Cassel who says, "I went with Jan to Peru and took ayahuasca with the Shipibo-conibo tribe. Did I hallucinate? You bet! I saw snakes. You know there are scientists researching into what ayahuasca does to your metabolism. Some of them think that these intertwined snakes are a visualisation of DNA. Meaning that these Indian tribes are in contact with the meaning of life."

AMendoza Transfers to Ukraine: Reuters reports that "Peruvian winger Andres Mendoza has transferred from Belgian club Bruges to Metallurg Donetsk in Ukraine, the Belgian FA confirmed on Friday. Mendoza, 26, broke his contract with Bruges in June." SEE ALSO: 'AMendoza Leaves Bruges' in June 30's Peruvia. IN UKRANIAN: See Metallurg Donetsk's website.

COPA News:

NOTE: Official Schedule.

- In Print: The Miami Herald and the Washington Post run similar wire stories.

- Theatricals 1, Referrees 0: Reuters offers an editorial of the Copa so far.

- Brazil 1, Chile 0: The Associated Press and Reuters

- Paraguay 1, Costa Rica 0: Associated Press

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