Saturday, July 31, 2004

Copa America Turns a Profit: Soccerway reports that Copa America produced "profits of close to US$2 million" for Peru. "Tournament organisers say ticket sales for the matches alone generated close to $4.7 million, all venues having reported being at least 70% full for each game."

TB & AIDS in Lima: The British Medical Journal reports that the World Health Organization "uses work on tuberculosis in Lima as model for tackling AIDS." Dr Jim Yong Kim is the director of WHO's department of HIV and AIDS and the co-founder of the Boston based advocacy group Partners for Health, which set up the two pioneering schemes to treat tuberculosis. He has "trained community health workers in Peru and Siberia to give patients daily injections for up to 18 months, 'supervised by nurses, occasionally overseen by doctors, in a sterile and effective manner'."

JCampos' Dreams: New Jersey's News Tribune profiles Jose Luis Campos Ruiz, a 14 year-old Peruvian who was born with osteogenesis imperfecta ('brittle-bone disorder') and now lives in Perth Amboy. "According to his mother, Haydee Ruiz, he has broken about 150 bones to date -- more than 11 broken bones per year. " NOTE: "The teenager came to the United States seeking treatment three years ago, leaving behind five siblings he hasn't seen since -- Yesenia, 23, Isaura, 22, Darwin, 20, Alberto, 16, and Francisco, who just turned 13. They are what he misses most about Peru, he said. The brothers and sisters talk to Jose on the phone and via e-mail, but until their immigration status is resolved, the family will remain apart."

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