Sunday, July 11, 2004

Corruption Quantified: The Washington Post runs a business column on corruption with a focus on 'How to Subvert Democracy: Montesinos in Peru,' an academic paper written by Stanford economist John McMillan and his graduate student Pablo Zoido. The WPost says that McMillan and Zoido "compar[ed] the bribes by institution and then compare[d] them to see where Montesinos, in his 'expert' opinion, thought it most effective to spend the most money. It wasn't even close. One single television channel's bribe was four times larger than the total of the opposition politicians' bribes. By revealed preference, the strongest check on the government's power was the news media." SEE ALSO: This paper was mentioned in 'The Corruption of VMontesinos' in May 15's Peruvia.

Cold Kills: The Miami Herald (registration: peruvia@peruvia.com/peruvia) (final item) reports that "a prolonged cold front hitting Peru's southeastern Andes since late June has caused the deaths of some 70,000 llamas, alpacas and goats and affected about 80,000 people living in the remote highlands," according to Juan Luis Podesta Llosa, chief of the Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil.

CAndina & EU: Xinhua reports on the Andean Community (Ancom) five-day summit that opens on Tuesday in Quito "to discuss the future negotiations on an association agreement with the European Union," according to Ancom Secretary General Allan Wagner. NOTE: Wagner noted "the association agreement with the EU will be based onthree pillars: political dialogue, cooperation and free trade." ALSO: "After the meeting, Peru will take over the one-year Andean presidency from Ecuador."

CGTP Leader Threatened, cont.: New York's Newsday (second item) reports on the "hand grenade, wrapped in gift paper and accompanied by a floral arrangement," that was sent to Mario Huaman, Peru's top union leader a week before the July 14 nation wide strikeSEE ALSO: 'CGTP Leader Threatened' in July 9's Peruvia below.

Complicated Visa Case: New Jersey's Hudson Reporter reports on the case of Peruvian-born Moises Mory who was "driving with an old acquaintance in 1986 [when he] was pulled over by police." It turned out that the passenger was "in possession of cocaine. Both men were arrested and charged. NOW: Mory "may have not realized that those 1986 charges would come back to haunt him over the next 20 years. [He] had first come to the United States on a work visa, but had stayed after it expired. Over the years, he has sought citizenship and has received other work visas. His current one expires this September. The drug charge has put his chances in jeopardy."

EPrado Wins Race: The Washington Post reports that "when it comes to 3-year-olds, jockey Edgar Prado appears to put himself in the right place at the right time. Last month, he ruined Smarty Jones's bid to win the Triple Crown with his spoiling ride on Birdstone in the Belmont Stakes. Saturday afternoon, in a lesser but still rich event, Prado turned in another expert ride aboard Kitten's Joy to win the $500,000 Virginia Derby before a crowd of 7,826 at Colonial Downs." SEE ALSO: 'EPrado To Race' in yesterday's Peruvia.

Note: Official Schedule; Leading Scorers (Reuters)

Photos from the Copa: Reuters has several photographs on vendors selling Copa paraphanelia as well as photos of many fans.

Too Much Drinking?, etc. The Miami Herald includes a summary of yesterday's Reuters piece on the tabloid Aja's charge against the Peruvian team. The BBC catches up with yesterday's news on Claudio Pizarro's concussion which will "rule [him] out of the rest of the Copa America." The BBC identifies Miguel Rebossio as the target of the drinking accusations.

Wrap Up: The Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald and Washington Post all offer summaries from the wires.

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